Evaluations Tab on View Submission Page

The Evaluations tab displays evaluation results to submitters and team members on the View Submission 2.0 page. This tab allows the challenge sponsors to close the loop with the user base who participated in their challenge and will give transparency into the evaluations of each submission.


Getting Started

  • To enable the Evaluations tab navigate to WebStorm Setup--> Ideas tab and select "Enable Evaluations Tab on View Idea 2.0"


 Step Configuration

  • When configuring your Scorecard you have the option to "Display evaluation results to submitters"
    • This enables the ability to display evaluation results to submitters and team members:


  • Once the option is enabled there are several options to control when the results are displayed in the Evaluations tab for the submission:
    • Display when the first Action Item for submission is complete
    • Display when all Action Items for the submission is complete
    • Display when all Action Items in the Step are complete
    • Display when the Submission moves to a new Step
    • Display when the Step is closed

  • There are also options to "Make evaluators anonymous" and to "Send submitters a notification when evaluation results are ready"
    • Note: If you don't want to expose the evaluator's user information to your submitters, please make sure to enable the anonymous option!
    • The notification option will display a notification within the Global Navigation notification's icon.


Evaluations Tab in View Submission Page

  • After the option for the Evaluations tab are enabled and results are available from a scorecard step, they will appear within the "Evaluations" tab on the view submission page:


  •  The first metric displayed is a summary of the evaluations showing the "Overall Score", "Percentile of Submissions" and "Evaluations Completed".
    • Overall Score: This is the average scorecard score this submission received based on the evaluator results.
    • Percentile of Submission: This show the percentile the submission ranks compared to other submissions that had gone through the same step. 
    • Evaluations Completed: Shows the number of evaluation completed over the total number of evaluations which have been assigned for the submission.


  • The second metric shows a "Distribution of Ideas" relative to the overall score


  • The third metric shows results per each evaluator assigned in the step for that submission:

  • The last metric displays the evaluation questions and the points attributed to each answer
    • Note: Long and short answer types will display but there will be no points associated with each answer.







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