Winter 2023 Product Release

We are pleased to announce our Winter 2023 Product Release. We encourage you to check out our blog to read through the updates, and view the below list for high-level changes. 


Team Submission Updates for You and Them

It’s always better to have teammates when working toward goals, and well, we made sure to bring that over to our software with two new updates to our team submission capabilities.

The first update is teams can help brand their submissions with the new team name feature. When submitting or editing a team, those included can create a team name to be associated with the submission. This will then be displayed on the record or any preview of the record, as well as any exports for the initiative. 

The second is we have expanded the team size limit we have in our Hackathon app to all offerings. Now admins can set a specific limit to the count of people on a single submission. 

Connection: Project Room Continues to Evolve

Within our Fall 2023 release, we gave you Project Room. And we are seeing customers rapidly adopt this new tool to help drive collaboration and accountability within their teams. In ensuring teams have the right content and information all in one place we have added some exciting updates.

We brought the file management capabilities within Team Workspace over to our Project Room capabilities. Upload all of your files directly into the room to keep teammates and reference materials updated. 

We also improved the task functionality. Now you can add multiple ‘tasks’ pages to a single Project Room, mapping tasks to specific milestones throughout the project’s life cycle. And, in addition to user assignment, status, and date details per task, you can now add comments, allowing more async updates and the ability to track progress with more granularity. 

Tidying Up: Collaboration Just Keeps Getting Easier

Since our Whiteboard launch we have now seen more and more teams gather and bring their pipeline’s ideas into a more open, collaborative space.

To help your teams continue on the progress you will see several updates from us.

  • Our smart matrix, which comes with several templated x- and y-axis labels, now allows users to input a custom field so you can rank ideas on any variables needed. (Dare we say naughty vs nice) (CER-24844, CER-24764)
  • Whiteboards can now be added directly to a Record to help supplement and enhance your concepts. (CER-26248)
  • You can now add, edit, and remove links to any objects within the board. And remember, you can also copy a link to a direct location within the board to help teammates find relevant content. (CER-25392, CER-24735)
  • Simplified and updated toolbars and menu dropdowns to help you more efficiently access key, differentiating tools, such as our AI integration and pipeline connectivity.


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