Product Release Notes - January 24, 2024

Our latest product release took effect Wednesday, January 24, 2024. This post may be truncated if you have received these release notes via email.

To read the complete documentation, please visit the Product Release Notes forum in the Support Portal.

Misc updates and bug fixes

  • Added additional HTML5 tags to our Rich Text/HTML 2.0 widget
  • Updated the logic to our Idea Box Team Site, ensuring list and pipeline pages redirected to correct view. Haven't tried our Team Site option? Find out more here. 
  • Fixed a bug on View Idea 3.0, where user image's were broken within the tooltip hover and user's were unable to remove existing tags. Also updated the location of the View Idea 3.0 settings within the Hackathon site setup. 
  • Updated messaging when deleting items/objects within Project Room to better communicate information that would be removed.

Whiteboard updates and bug fixes

  • Updated Whiteboard hotkey for "marker" tool.
  • When Whiteboard is linked to View Idea 3.0, updated idea history to reflect action and link back to board.
  • Added ability to copy and paste images across affiliates.
  • Updated left toolbar font display to limit size to two decimals.
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