Product Release Notes - February 28, 2024

Our latest product release took effect Wednesday, February 28, 2024. This post may be truncated if you have received these release notes via email.

To read the complete documentation, please visit the Product Release Notes forum in the Support Portal.


Whiteboard Updates & Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in Whiteboard where selected bullets, when tabbed to indent, were deleted from the text field
  • Fixed a bug for when a Smart Matrix is deleted within Whiteboard, the option was still displayed in Top Ideas, causing a blank page to load
  • Fixed a bug where we were capping the amount of ideas sent from the pipeline into the Whiteboard
  • Fixed a bug where right panel was not displaying on the Whiteboard, when in a Project Room

Improved error handling:

  • Improved the error messaging on the login page for when a user does not have access to an initiative
  • Improvement to file upload error messaging within Project Room to showcase file type or sizing issues

General, Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where app pillar was not showing in top, global navigation for administrators, but could still be located through the main dropdown
  • Fixed a bug where the edit image on View Idea 3 was always shown, not just on hover
  • Fixed a bug where user search dropdown was getting truncated within modals
  • Fixed a bug where we were not hiding action items in a Judging step for ideas that have been canceled.

Enhancements & Updates:

  • Updated logic around notifications for when a user applies to join your project
  • Added ability to use hyphens within user search fields
  • Minor updates to the UI within the updates Rules Engine
  • Added ability to search by team name within the idea boards
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