Hackathon Participant Onboarding

The "Hackathon Participant Onboarding" feature gives participants an easy and intuitive walkthrough to guide them through the registration and submission process.  From the Onboarding Wizard, users can easily follow the different paths to create teams, submit projects, create a Project Room to collaborate, and navigate to different areas of the Hackathon.


Topics include: 



To use these features, you will want to ensure the "Hackathon Participant Onboarding" feature is enabled [Site Setup > General Settings > Homepage > Onboarding for Hackathon]. 

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As a note, admins can adjust the location, text, and visibility of these buttons described in this KBA via the homepage editing functionality, as detailed here. And can also be added as an initiative widget.

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Launching the Flow 

users will see a button on the Homepage of a Hackathon. The prompt for the button automatically changes depending on the current status of your Hackathon.

During the Pre-Event period of your Hackathon, users will see an "Early Registration" button on the Homepage of a Hackathon. This allows users to opt in as participants to the Hackathon, as well as add their expertise and availability to join projects.

Once they've registered, they will be shown on the Participant Page

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Once the submissions are live based on your site settings and scheduler, the CTA for "Early Registration" will transition to "Get Started." When clicking the button, users will open the Onboarding Wizard modal to guide them through to participation.

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Onboarding Wizard

From the Onboarding Wizard modal, users can complete their registration, or click through the prompts and questions to get to find the best way to participate. Do they have a project and a team ready to go? Or are they looking for projects to join, or collaborators to work with? Depending on the path they choose they will be able to create a team, find and add teammates, create a Hackathon Project Room, or navigate to project submission, participant, or project pages.

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Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 10.42.49 AM.pngScreenshot 2024-03-11 at 10.45.45 AM.png


Hackathon Project Room

From the Onboarding Wizard modal, users can follow the prompts to create a Hackathon Project Room. When they do, they'll be directed to a Project Room that's preconfigured to help individuals or teams start mapping out ideas and collaborate in real time as they prepare to submit their project. Inside the Project Room, teams will find the follow tools:

  • Task management - an area where team members can assign tasks, see statuses, set due dates, and add notes.
  • Whiteboard - our Brightidea ZUI, giving teams a place to brainstorm in their own infinite space.
  • Hackathon links - Helpful links back to the Hackathon Homepage and Project Submission page.
    • Any submission made from this page will retain team name and team members 

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Custom Project Room Template

If you as an Hackathon event managers  want to customize the Project Room Template being used in your Onboarding Wizard, you can do so in Pipeline setup, under the Workflow section, in the Onboarding Template tab. Here you can select an existing Project Room to set as a template to be used during the Onboarding Wizard. If you changed to a custom template but decide you want to reset to the system template, you can also do that here.

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