Product Release Notes - June 5, 2024

Our latest product release took effect Wednesday, June 5, 2024. This post may be different from the release notes received via email.

To read Brightidea's complete documentation, you can visit the Product Release Notes forum in the Support Portal.

General Bug Fixes & Updates:

  • Fixed an issue where Engagement site dashboards had repeating graphs and content in some systems
  • Fixed an issue where user profile data was not displaying in People Pillar if custom fields were shown
  • Fixed an issue where the Hackahton Onboarding Early Registration/Registration call-to-action was not respecting the system time zone in some scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where users who were in View Idea 3 widget editing mode, then were removed from admin permissions continued to see the edit view on the idea
  • Fixed issue where the keyboard command of 'enter' was not respecting the modal call-to-action when trying to delete Project Rooms and Whiteboards
  • Fixed an issue where deleted Project Rooms were still displaying in search results
  • Updated labels and titles in Pipeline Setup to add clarity and better UI to navigate the settings
  • Updated the permissions for who can disassociate a Project Room from the View Idea 3 modal to include administrators, pipeline admins, and moderators
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