Summer 2024 Release

We are pleased to announce our Summer 2024 Product Release. We encourage you to check out our blog to read through the updates, and view the below list for high-level changes. 

Core Platform Updates

We worked to deliver core configuration updates, requested directly from our customers to ensure you are getting the most efficient use out of the platform. This work includes: 

  • Ability to add groups as evaluators to more nimbly manage action item assignment (CER-26557, CER-26556).
  • All initiative exports now have the ability to be scheduled, delivered within a custom time that works for the site administrator (CER-26263).
  • Addition of Whiteboard and Memo counts to the user activity report (CER-24739).
  • Ability to search for text within your Whiteboard to help with wayfinding and information organization.
  • Closed just under 100 customer support tickets since our last release.

Project Room Additions

The Project Room feature delivers against the need for teams to collaborate in order to augment, track, and better define an idea. With this release we continue to evolve the offering based on direct customer feedback.

  • Can now add a team image to the project room to better identify and rally your team on the Project Room goal.
  • Ability to sort and filter all of your team’s tasks within the Project Room’s task page (CER-26506)
  • When adding a new Whiteboard or Memo to the project room, can generate from system or custom templates.

Hackathon Customization

In our Spring release, we launched core updates to our Hackathon solution to ensure that you’re delivering a successful event the first time, and every time. With this release, we wanted to add deeper customization to the features your teams have adopted and are asking for.

  • Updated our default Project Room template that is spun up for Hackathon teams’ utilizing the tool to brainstorm and mature their idea. 
  • Added the ability for Hackathon event managers to customize the Project Room template that is used.
  • Updated the Phase widget to honor the timezone set by the administrator within System Settings.
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