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Business Impact can now be tracked at an Enterprise level! The Business Impact Dashboard provides metrics that help you monitor business impact generated and reported in your Brightidea across time periods and pipelines.


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How To Enable

Enterprise Impact Dashboard is already enabled by default. You will see this dashboard located under Command Center > Analytics > Business Impact Dashboard.

If you do not see this dashboard enabled, then you will need to contact Brightidea support to enable on your behalf.


Enterprise Business Impact Chart and Metrics

The Enterprise Business Impact Dashboard is broken down into two sections. First section is labeled "Financial Benefits Over Time".

The "Financial Benefits Over Time" chart will give you a visual representation of your Total Projected Benefits (in blue) versus your Total Actual Benefits (in green). Administrators can also add/view a red-dotted line of the Target Benefits as well.


The dropdown to the top-right of this chart will allow you to adjust your view based on a Cumulative or Yearly view.

The gear icon to the right of the dropdown will allow you to adjust annual financial targets, add a Year to the report, or clear the targets altogether. 


The second section of this dashboard is labeled "Financial Summary By Initiative".

The "Financial Summary By Initiative" section will break down the Business Impact of each Initiative that has recorded benefits. Initiatives with no recorded benefits will not be shown in this section.

Each row is broken down by Initiative Title, App Type, Initiative Status, Submissions within the Initiative that have recorded Business Impact, Total Projected Benefits, Total Actual Benefits, Total Target Benefits, Total Projected Costs, and Total Actual Costs.


Important Note:

Business Impact data can be exported by clicking on the green icon at the top-right of the Business Impact Dashboard.



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    Vigneron, Anthony (IT-LON)

    Can we publish this report to all our users so we don't have to create reports ourselves?

  • Avatar

    Hi Anthony,
    At this time Business Impact can only be displayed to specific Users. If you have an enhancement request, please feel free to submit it to our Public IdeaSpace!