Smart Matrix

A Smart Matrix utilizes a visual prioritization grid to rank an idea based on 2 axes. It is used to quickly find, at a glance, your best ideas within a Whiteboard. Depending on where the idea is plotted within the matrix, scores will automatically update and reflect within Brightidea's "Top Ideas" view; allowing the Whiteboard participants to work more efficiently, smarter, and have more action within their idea management.




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Place Smart Matrix

In the left toolbar (under "Toolkit"), click the "Add Smart Matrix" icon. When clicked, a Smart Matrix will be placed on the Whiteboard.

Note that a Smart Matrix is also placed within the Brainstorm template.



Configure Smart Matrix

Within this section you'll learn to configure your Smart Matrix.

  • Move/Resize
  • Access the right click menu
  • Update the title and X/Y Axis
  • Connect Matrix to an Activity
  • Lock/Unlock 

When a Smart Matrix is added to a Whiteboard, by default, it is unlocked and can be moved around. At this point, drag the Matrix to your desired location and ensure it's not covering other layers. Adjust the size of the Matrix depending on how many Sticky notes you'll foresee being plotted. The default size is 1500x1500 (which will comfortably allow 20-30 stickies on the Matrix). 




Right Click on the Matrix to access the Matrix settings modal. Within the settings modal you can

  1. Update the title
  2. Update X/Y axis, using the pre-configured states or custom labels
  3. Connect to an Activity within your system 

mceclip3.pngScreenshot 2023-12-12 at 11.01.39 AM.pngScreenshot 2023-12-12 at 11.01.47 AM.png

Once your matrix is the proper size and your settings have been configured, lock the Matrix into place via the right click menu. Locking the Matrix will ensure it's position on the whiteboard without unexpected moves (which can unintentionally skew scores)


Plotting Sticky notes on a Smart Matrix

Smart Matrix's can hold regular Sticky notes and linked idea Sticky notes. It is recommended to link ideas to stickies before dragging onto the Matrix (to keep a breadcrumb/record on the Whiteboard).



Once a sticky is plotted on the Matrix, you'll see a score below. This score can be toggled off in the right click menu. 



Viewing Scores in Top Ideas

If you have connected your Matrix to an Activity, your scores can be seen holistically in the Top Ideas view. The Top Ideas view, at a glance, helps users find the best ideas.

Navigate to Top Ideas via the right-click menu and you'll be dropped on the page with the smart matrix sort pre-selected.




Sending from Top Ideas to a Smart Matrix

If you are within the Top Ideas Screen, you can also multi-select several records, and right-click to send them to a Smart Matrix.

This will send all those selected ideas, to a new or existing whiteboard, based on your selection, with a Smart Matrix that is already synced to your selected pipeline. 


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