Updating Action Item Assignment

Using the "Update Assignments" popup, administrators and moderators can manage the action items that have been assigned to individual submissions, as well as assign one-off action items for any submissions. This allows administrators to:

  • For a single submission, see a list of action item assignees
  • Remove action items for individual assignees
  • Assign individual action items to assignees

Viewing Action Item Assignees

The "Update Assignments" popup gives administrators and moderators an overview of action item assignees for an individual submission.

Note that the "Update Assignments" popup is only available for Review, Single Scale, Scorecard, and Judging Step-types, and can be viewed from:

  • Pipeline Steps view
  • Pipeline List view
  • Manage Step > Currently in Step page

To view the popup, select a single submission (multiple submissions are not supported at this time), then right-click or view the "Actions" menu. From there, click on the "Update Assignees" option to display the popup.

currently-in-step-option.png pipeline-steps-option.png

The popup will display a list of users with complete or incomplete action items.


Removing Action Item Assignees

Assignees with complete and incomplete action items can be removed by selecting the "x" on their tag. When an assignee is removed from the "Update Assignments" popup, their action item for that submission will be deleted. However, if they are an evaluator for the Step, they will continue to receive action items for new submissions that are added to the Step.

To remove assignees and prevent them from receiving new action items, you can remove the user from the Step Configuration popup.

To permanently delete an assignee, and delete all associated action items data, you can delete the user from the Step Manage > Action Items Progress screen.


Adding Action Item Assignees

Administrators and moderators can also assign one-off action items for a submission. From the "Update Assignments" modal, you can search and select users to assign a new action item.


You can also configure the due date, as well as whether to send an email notification to that user. Once your user(s) is selected and date and email settings configured, saving the popup will assign them an action item for that submission.

Note that the date and email settings will note impact any users that have already received an action item. Those settings will only apply to new users assigned an action item.

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