Whiteboard Templates

Brightidea Whiteboard features several Template options to help you and your teams start collaborating quickly. The templates include tools and framework that you can use to jumpstart brainstorming sessions based on best-practice options for generating and managing ideation.


Adding a Template:

Templates can be added to a Whiteboard in two ways as detailed below.


Upon board creation
When creating a new Whiteboard the template options are displayed to the right of the "New Blank Whiteboard" option. Simply click on the Template that you would like to use and a new Whiteboard will be created with the layout and tools pre-loaded on your board.


Adding to an existing board
Open any existing Whiteboard and select the Tool icon in the Left Toolbar and select "Add Template." An "Add Template" dialogue window will open with available templates to choose from. Select the template you would like to use and click the "Add Template" button to update the Whiteboard.  


Once the template is placed, you can drag, re-size, and position the template in its desired location. Lastly, select all the elements, right click and select ungroup to allow you and others to begin contributing. 


Available System Templates 

Below are the current Template options available in Brightidea Whiteboards:

  • 5 Why's 
  • Assumptions Grid
  • Brainstorm + Prioritize
  • Brainwriting
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Empathy Map 
  • Fishbone
  • Ice Breaker(s)
  • Rose Thorn Bud 
  • Simple Roadmap 
  • SWOT Analysis - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

Custom Templates 

Saving a New Template

Users can create and save their own templates, which can be shared with teammates. New templates can be saved by going the file menu and selecting "Save as template...".

You will then have the option to name the template and choose to save the whiteboard that you're using as a Template or save a copy of the original board as a Template. 

After saving the board, you will be prompted to share it. This will allow you to share the template with specific individuals or groups. Once shared, those users will be able to see the template within their system (more information on this below). Additional users can be added at any time. 


Viewing and Using

Users will be able to see custom templates that have been shared with them under a new “Custom Template” tab in the userhome template ribbon.



Editing a Template

As a template owner or editor, you can click on the “more actions” button on hover within the template thumbnail to edit or delete a template. Once in the template, editors can make changes. Note that changes will be saved instantly, and the next time an end-user uses the template, changes will be reflected. This will not update existing whiteboards that use the template. 


Deleting a Template

In addition, templates can be deleted from the file menu. This will delete the template for all users. However, this will not remove the template from existing boards.



Pinning Templates

As an end-user, you can “pin” a template by hovering over a template thumbnail and clicking the Pin button in the bottom right. This will pin that template to the front of the template ribbon or template modal. It will also be added to the "Pinned" tab in the template modal.


If you pin multiple templates, the last pinned template will appear first. If a template is pinned, you can also click on the pin button to unpin that template. This will place the template back in it's pervious location.



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