Creating an Idea from a Sticky

As users collaborate in your Whiteboard ideas will be generated and by capturing those ideas with Sticky notes on the Whiteboard you can quickly and easily generate Idea Submissions in your Brightidea Pipelines. There is no need to manually move information into your Initiative Pipelines and you can capture ideas in real time.


Sending a sticky to a pipeline

Any Sticky created within the Whiteboard can be submitted to one of your innovation pipelines across all Brightidea apps. 

Select the Sticky that you would like to submit, right click, and select "Send to pipeline." Any individual user can submit a sticky, independent of who was the author of the sticky. The author of the sticky will be carried over as the submitter of the Idea in any scenario, unless manually edited within the view idea screen described in the next section below. 


Once a Sticky has been selected to send to a pipeline you will have the option to chose the specific pipeline you would like the idea to be submitted in. Within this list, you will only see the pipelines in which you, as an individual user, have access to. The idea will be created as a hidden idea within the collection stage of your pipeline.


Once an idea has been generated the sticky will display the Idea identification number in the lower right hand corner of the sticky. 



Viewing Ideas from within Whiteboard

Any user can click this idea identification number to see the view idea screen.  Within this screen a user can update content, description, assignee, status, financial impact, etc.


Within this screen users are able to vote on the Idea and can view other's votes.

Any comments on the Idea are displayed at the bottom of the screen and users can add comments from the Whiteboard view as well.


The View Idea screen will also include additional tabs that users can access such as Evaluations, Business Impact, etc. The tabs displayed will vary based on the tabs configured for the specific pipeline in which the idea is submitted.


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