Fall 2021 Product Update

Brightidea software has long facilitated remote collaboration and idea collection, and we began to see ideation also happening in digital whiteboarding tools. But what becomes of those ideas? Do they get stuck on the digital whiteboard? Or even worse, are they forgotten? Do these tools allow idea managers to capture data and make informed decisions, or are they just static spaces for digital sticky notes? These are problems we set out to solve.

We believe that “Innovation is too important to be left to chance,” and we couldn’t just let your ideas sit in static whiteboard tools where they might be lost or overlooked. We also saw a need to give our users access to the power of a digital whiteboard tool for ideation and idea management, while also empowering idea managers to track the data behind ideas so that they could make informed decisions and set priorities for their innovation initiatives.

For an overview of our Fall 2021 Update, see our blog post here. The following updates and improvements have been made:


Brightidea Whiteboard - New Feature

We designed Brightidea Whiteboard to allow everyone the ability to collaborate in an infinite, zoomable interface at the same time from anywhere in the world. You can capture ideas and push them into your Innovation Pipelines, develop ideas via Brightidea Whiteboard templates geared towards innovation and idea management activities, and you can track all that data from within Dashboards. Plus, we built Brightidea Whiteboard on the WebAssembly open standard to ensure high performance and reliability you can trust for the long haul.

Learn more about Getting Started with Whiteboards here.


Whiteboard Tools and Objects

The Brightidea Whiteboard contains several Tool components to allow you and your teams to collaborate and brainstorm. Users can place Sticky notes, Shapes, and Text Boxes on the Whiteboard workspace. The Marker tool let them write or draw on the Whiteboard and the Reaction tool lets team members place graphics to let others know their thoughts on anything on the Whiteboard.

Learn more about the Whiteboard Core Tools here!


Whiteboard Templates

Brightidea Whiteboard features several Template options to help you and your teams start collaborating quickly. The templates include tools and framework that you can use to jumpstart brainstorming sessions based on best-practice options for generating and managing ideation.

You can see what Templates are available here.


Creating Ideas in your Pipelines from your Whiteboards

As users collaborate in your Whiteboard ideas will be generated and by capturing those ideas with Sticky notes on the Whiteboard you can quickly and easily generate Idea Submissions in your Brightidea Pipelines. There is no need to manually move information into your Initiative Pipelines and you can capture ideas in real time.

See how you can easily Create Ideas from your Whiteboard Sticky notes here.


Utilize our Smart Matrix to help find your Best Ideas

An advanced feature in the Whiteboard product is the Smart Grid. A Smart Matrix utilizes a visual prioritization grid to rank an idea based on 2 axes. It is used to quickly find, at a glance, your best ideas within a Whiteboard. Depending on where the idea is plotted within the matrix, scores will automatically update and reflect within Brightideas "Top Ideas" view; allowing the Whiteboard participants to work more efficiently, smarter, and have more action within their idea management.

Learn more about the Brightidea Smart Matrix here.


Focus brainstorming session on your Whiteboard with our Timer

As you and your teams are brainstorming there may be times when you need to focus or limit your work for a specified period of time. To help keep everyone on track while collaborating the Brightidea Whiteboard includes a Timer feature that all users can see and control. 

See how the Timer works here.


Additional Updates and Enhancements

This release includes the following additional features and fixes as well.

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