Winter 2021 Product Update

This time of year, our product and engineering teams have been working hard on features and enhancements that we believe will boost your productivity and, we hope, give you cause to Stay Bright about the future of your innovation ambitions. So let’s unwrap what’s in this release.


Brightidea <> Slack 3.0 Integration

Brightidea has long been integrated with Slack to support pushing updates from Brightidea into your project or team channels so that everyone can stay in the loop with idea progress updates. With this update we made it incredibly easy to push ideas from Slack into Brightidea. Now, you can push ideas directly into Brightidea with just a few clicks, and circle back to work on those ideas when time permits. With Brightidea <> Slack 3.0 those impromptu ideas will never be forgotten or lost in your Slack channels.

Now you can:

  • Send ideas from direct messages, public and private channels to Brightidea.
  • Capture messages, links, and attachments when sending to Brightidea.
  • Preview of ideas included in Slack upon idea submission.
  • Includes links back to Slack source on idea submission so that you can easily surface the original conversation.

Learn all about the Brightidea Slack integration here.


Whiteboard Updates

Fast on the heels of our Brightidea Whiteboard release in September, we have kept the momentum going and are excited to announce several updates to Brightidea Whiteboard. Learn more about all Whiteboard features here.


Line Tool

We have added a new Line tool found under Shapes in Whiteboards. The tool allows you to drag and drop lines on to your Whiteboard that can be customized in length, width, direction, and rotation. As with all other shapes you can customize the lines in a side panel toolbar as well. Lines can also be activated with an "L" hotkey.



Several new options have been added to the Reactions tool so you can more visual content to your Whiteboard. The following doodles are available in a hand drawn look along with additional emoji options:

    • Arrows
    • Headers 
    • Bubbles
    • Diagrams
    • Icons


Save a Copy

Whiteboards can now be duplicated with the "Save a Copy" feature found in the Home Gallery dropdown menu. You can now duplicate any Whiteboard allowing you to create custom layouts that can be used over again as a copy.



New Templates have been added to help get you started with your Whiteboard designs. Users can now add more than 1 instance of a template per Whiteboard (e.g. 3x Rose Bud Thorn activities).

The follow new templates are now available:

    • SWOT Analysis - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
    • Business Model Canvas
    • Customer Journey


Additional Updates and Enhancements

  • Word Limit - The ability to set a maximum word limit on Submission Form text fields and Development Fields. The limit will be displayed when creating submissions as well as when editing ideas. Learn more here.
  • Embedded Video Attachments - Video attachments uploaded to existing ideas can now automatically be embedded in the Description field without being hosted externally. Supported formats are: .mp4, .mov, .wmv, and .avi files. Learn more here.
  • Idea Box Duplication - Idea Boxes are now visible and available to duplicate from the Apps/Products Pillar Duplicate Initiative process. General Access groups, Idea Box Managers, and Moderators can be edited prior to duplicating the Idea Box. Learn more about Duplicating Initiatives, including Idea Box, here.


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