Spring 2022 Product Update

This release we decided to focus on some updates to our existing features that we hope will bring a bit of brightness to your day. Along with these updates we are excited to launch a new way to view ideas. We hope you find these updates as exciting as we do here at Brightidea!


Brightidea <> Slack 4.0 Integration

Building on our Slack integration from our Winter release, we listened to input from you, our clients, to enhance our recently released Slack app. The following updates have been added:

  • Add any Slack message to an idea: Users can now add a Slack message to an existing idea as a comment! This avoids duplicate submissions or lost information.
  • Submit on behalf of another user: Users can submit ideas on behalf of others, namely the message author. This helps preserve credit/ownership while ensuring ideas are captured.
  • Richer posts to Slack: Slack now unfurls more graphic content from Brightidea.

Ready to start using our Slack app? You can access it in the Slack App directory here.

Learn all about the Brightidea Slack integration here.


Whiteboard - New Features

We continue to update, enhance, and add new features to Brightidea Whiteboard based on feedback from customers. We hope the new features and updates in this release will enhance your next whiteboard session.

Here is a look at the Whiteboard updates now available:

  • Send Ideas to Whiteboard from Pipeline View: Now you can send up to 50 ideas at a time from your Pipeline View to an existing or new Whiteboard of your choice.
  • Auto Link URLs: URLs will be automatically parsed and linked in text & sticky objects
  • Copy-paste updates: Now you can copy and paste between whiteboards.
  • Organize stickies: Automatically layout a selection of stickies in a regularly spaced grid.
  • Follow users: Now you can quickly locate and follow each other in the whiteboard by clicking the user profile at the top of the whiteboard.

Read more about our Whiteboard updates in the Whiteboard Knowledge Base Articles here.


View Idea 3.0 (Beta)—Enhancement

We are releasing View Idea 3.0 as a beta feature that admins can enable via the initiative level beta tab. We encourage you to test the new View Idea interface and provide feedback via Customer IdeaSpace. Your feedback will help us continue to enhance and polish this feature for full release in the future.


View Idea 3.0 features available (Beta):​

  • Modal capability for more efficient review ​
  • In line action items ​
  • Separate tab for development fields​
  • Customizable templates (small, medium, large headers)​
  • Widget editable​

When enabled, it will be shown on: ​

  • Dedicated idea page​
  • Idea Boards (modal) ​
  • Top Ideas (modal)​

If you would like to turn on this feature in beta, we encourage you to reach out to your CSM first so that they can assist. 

Read more about View Idea 3.0 in this Knowledge Base Article.


Additional Updates and Enhancements

  • View Only Whiteboard Option - Whiteboard links can now be shared as "View Only." In the Share Dialog window, when enabling link sharing, you can now select between "Anyone with link can edit" or "Anyone with link can view.” Learn more here.
  • Initiative Level Newsletters - Newsletters can now be created and managed at the initiative-level. Initiative-level Newsletters can be found in Site Setup > Site > Newsletters. Learn more here.
  • Vote terminology has been updated across all vote counters, lists, dashboards, and exports, to improve consistency and clarity. Now, “votes” will refer to the number of promote and demote votes for a submission, whereas “vote score” will refer to the totaled score of promote and demote votes.
  • Team workspace leads can now add other team members to the workspace.
  • Moderators now have the ability to merge submissions from Pipeline Steps and List views.
  • We’ve added a new gig applications export, to help track the status of applications for the Gig app. New columns have also been added to the Pipeline List view for the Gig app, displaying the number of applications submitted and accepted for each job.
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