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Team WorkSpace 

Brightidea's Team WorkSpace allows innovation teams to bring structure to the journey from an idea to a deliverable. Team WorkSpace enables you to build a Business Model for your projects and provides an area where teams can collaborate together to support the ongoing development of a business model for your projects.


Table of Contents:

Team WorkSpace

  • Team WorkSpace is automatically enabled for the following Brightidea Apps: Incubate.
  • However, the administrator can enable it in any initiative under WebStorm Setup --> Ideas --> Team Workspace:

  • Once a Project is submitted into the Pipeline, the "Go to Team Workspace" button will appear on the top right of the View Submission page. 
    • Click on this button to navigate into the team workspace:



Header Section

At the top of the workspace, the header section will display the following information, pulled from the related submission:

  • Submission Title and Code 
  • Submission Image
  • Submission Status
  • "Go to Submission" button on the right
  • Riskiest Assumption: The riskiest assumption from the business model, so that team members can keep it in mind as they work on the project.


All Projects are set to 'Private' by default, it's currently not possible to select any other privacy settings.

  • This means that only team members and administrators can view and update the project. 



Team workspace members have a 'Milestones' area which allows them to view/manage significant stages and goals for the project.

    • To create a milestone, select the 'Milestone' tab, then 'Add Milestone'.
    • WorkSpace milestones can be marked as complete, have a due date set, and deleted if needed.



Tasks allow the workspace member to delegate tasks and keep the project completion in the right direction. In each project, project owners and/or system administrators can add a set of to-do's right within Pipeline. Let's get started!

    • To create a task, select the "Add Task" button under the Tasks tab.
    • Once a task is added, a due date can be set, and it can be assigned to one of the team members, marked as complete, or deleted if needed.



Project Files

    • This tab allows the team workspace members to view/manage files associated with the given Project. 
      • Files can either be uploaded directly to the Project area or integrated with a shared Box folder.
      • More on this below under the 'Settings' area.

Business Model

    • Team members can fill out information for the business model so that they can create a summary of the business model for the selected project. 
    • The team workspace 'Business Model' has a form builder where all fields that can be edited WebStorm Setup --> Ideas --> Business Model:


    • Select "Launch Business Model Form Builder" to access each business model form question title/question default text and each can be edited with a different label if needed:


  • In the Team Workspace "Business Model" tab, the team members can input information for the following questions to complete the Business Model:
    • Value Proposition
    • Customer Segment(s)
    • Channels
    • Customer Relationships
    • Revenue Streams
    • Key Partners
    • Key Activities
    • Key Resources
    • Cost Structure 
      • Each field can be edited by the team members with the appropriate information:


    • Once the business model information is inputted, a Business Model Canvas in PDF format can be generated by selecting the export icon on top.


Riskiest Assumption

    • The 'Riskiest Assumptions' area in team workspace allow members to add the risks for the team's project and stay aligned on what the most important focuses are.
      • Under this tab, select the 'Add Risk' button to add a new 'Risk'.
      • Risks can be marked a resolved, linked to a 'Related Area' or deleted.

 Business Impact

    • Please review this article for more information on recording and viewing the Business Impact information. 


  • The settings tab allow the leader to set the file management option to either upload file directly to the team workspace or utilize a shared Box folder.
    • Select 'Upload Files to Project' if you want the team member to upload files to the 'Project Files' tab.
    • Select Integrate with Box and input a shared Box URL to load a shared folder from Box.

Project Owner and Team

    • Team workspace leaders can add or remove team members as needed.
      • Select the "WorkSpace Team" section on the left hand side of the page
        • Select "+Add / Edit":

    • Here, the team workspace leader can add users by searching by user name or screen name.
      • Once found, the users can be added to the right hand side
      • Leaders can also remove users by selecting the red "X"
      • Leaders can also change the team workspace leader by switching the "key" icon to another user. 


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  • Avatar
    Samuel Pi

    is there any notification mechanism for this team workspace. Such as, notification to team member when an milestone is completed or alerts when task is done or due, something like that.

  • Avatar

    Hi Samuel,

    Emails do go out to team members when a task is completed, assigned or milestone is completed. However, the emails are not configurable.

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar

    Hi Samuel,

    Note, there is no configuration for any emails templates in Team Wrokspace, they are all hard-coded at this time.

    Brightidea Support

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