Product Release Notes - July 6, 2023

Our latest product update, released on Thursday, July 6, 2023, brings new features and improvements. Please refer to the  Product Release Notes on the Support Portal to access the complete documentation.

Here are the updates and improvements that we have made:

  • You can now find a Licenses & Roles widget on user's profile page within the People Pillar. This widget will help you manage your licenses and roles more efficiently.
    • This widget shows all the administrative roles that have been assigned to a user.
    • Under the action menu, system administrators can remove users from all paid license types and administrator roles.
    • Check out the KBA for more details.

  • Fixed an issue with widgets not appearing correctly in duplicated initiatives. Also fixed an issue in which edits to widgets in those duplicated communities and initiatives affected widgets in the original communities and initiatives.
  • To assist users with troubleshooting, we have improved the error messaging when adding a Google Doc or SharePoint document without the appropriate permissions.
  • We enhanced Top Ideas feature for Memo Team Sites so the Owner is displayed within the card view. Additionally, we have made it possible to filter by the Owner field.
  • Users can now share a Whiteboard with a designated group. (CER24722)
  • We have fixed bugs related to resizing Sticky note objects and Stacks within Whiteboard.
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