Hackathon Participants Page

The "Event registration" / "Join Event" feature allows users to opt in as participants to Hackathons and Innovation events. When "joined" users are easily searchable based on expertise, availability and other user attributes.


Topics include: 

  1. Adding Participant Page to Your Site 
  2. Becoming a Participant
  3. Participants Page 
  4. Exports

Adding Participant Page to your Site 


To add participants, navigate to site setup > site > navigation. From there, you will see "participants" as an option within the dropdown. 


Homepage Header Buttons


Label Editing

Most text on the Join Event Modal / Participants Page are label editable.


Becoming a Participant

Users will be flagged as "participants" in one of 3 ways:

  1. Opting in through the Participant Onboarding flow or early registration (full KBA on functionality here) 
  2. Submitting a project
  3. Being added to a project team


Participants Page

The Participants page shows a list of all participants that have joined the event.

From the page, users can sort and filter by pre-defined attributes. 

Within this page, users can reach out to the individuals via direct message, or request them to apply to their team.  Direct messages funnel through the private messaging functionality. Inviting a user, will alert them via email and within in-app, directing them to apply on the record



There are two exports admins can use that have relevant data stored, both under Site Setup > Exports. 

The first is under Users, within the User Activity report, where admins will be able to see all user activity including if they joined (yes/no), joined date, and join method. 

The second is under Users, within the Participant export. This will pull user information, projects, etc. for all participants listed within that page, 


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