Fall 2023 Product Update

Below is a summary of features, and we invite you to dive deeper into the details of our fall release by visiting our release blog. And check out the video Innovation for All: A Conversation with Katlin Arps & Matt Greeley.

Whiteboard, Integrated Updates to Drive Team Activation

Since the release of Whiteboard in the fall of 2021, we have watched the evolution of how clients are using the tool. Our Whiteboard tool captures the necessity of having all your activity in one place, integrated directly with your platform to better prioritize, rank, and collaborate in a meaningful way.

Feature updates include:

  • Integrated prioritization: You can now send unlimited ideas from your pipeline directly into either a stacks or stickies format. Backlog management has never been more flexible to support your team.
  • Role accountability: Within our stacks feature, you can now assign actions directly to teammates to better organize and check on progress.
  • Productivity tools: Addition of text-based tables, that allow you the ability to export to excel. As well as image-cropping capabilities.
  • Miro Import [BETA]: When we say all in one place, we mean it. If you’re currently using Miro, reach out to your Customer Service rep to find out how you can use our [beta] importer tool to seamlessly bring over your team’s content.

Hackathon, Our Most Loved App Just Got an Update

Over the last six months, we have witnessed more than a 300% increase in Hackathon participation within the platform. In response, we conducted interviews, learned from the feedback, and made some much-needed enhancements to better support this growing energy.

New features include:

  • Early registration: A join event flow to get an early head count on participants and gauge interest.
  • Team building: A new feature that allows Hack participants to find, apply, and join teams, as well as project leads to review and accept applicants.
  • Administrative control: The ability for admins to control team sizes for those participating.

Project Room Offers Cross-platform Organization

Project Room is a new feature that will be enabled for all systems. It solves for the need to augment, track, and better define an idea within your pipeline.

Project Room key features include:

  • Team building: Invite team members across the organization to participate and collaborate with.
  • Consolidate assets across the platform: Ability to add Business Impact, Whiteboards, Memos, Ideas, and external links all within the space.
  • Project management and task tracking: Manage your projects and action items with ease. Within the task feature you can assign tasks to team members, track due dates, and monitor progress through status updates.

Stage-Gate Process Now Embedded in Key Platform Workflows

The Stage-Gate process is a methodology that improves project outcomes and prevents risk by adding gates, or areas for review, throughout your project plan. This framework is commonly used in innovation planning to increase performance, collaboration, and more thorough benchmarks to track progress.

Now, using the Project Room functionality as a foundation, pipelines can automatically integrate with the space to build out the methodology.

Updates to the platform include:

  • Improvements to workflow: The ability to resend action items when a record re-enters a step, honoring any configuration updates that have been made.
  • Streamlined management: Integration with our step configuration to automatically assign stage completion and gate approvals.
  • Standard templates: A formatted process is automatically generated, capturing the key milestones and recommended assets included in the process, including use of Whiteboard forms and Memos.

A New AI Assistant for Tech Scouting

New with this release is an AI integration within our Scout app. This allows admins to source ideas through AI and inject those responses directly into their pipeline to then monitor and track, ensuring teams are capturing all current startups and competitors in their market.

And reminder, our previous release introduced key areas where AI is already integrated into the platform. This includes AI assistance within the idea submission process, image generation, and Whiteboard.


Dedicated Tools to Scale Through the Enterprise

We are introducing a new way to position the Idea Box app within your department by incorporating our team site view. This update provides the following benefits:

  • Security and access: Ability to siphon off access to key team members within various departments to help manage their innovation activities independently.
  • Structured, direct navigation: The UI has been updated to better highlight the most important aspects of managing and participating in an Idea Box challenge.
  • All-in-one pipeline management: Communities and sub-pipelines can be set up to route ideas based on their maturity, subject matter expertise, timing, and other factors.
  • Fine-tuned dashboards: Surfaces key site analytics to the entire team to define and understand success criteria and engagement.
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