Command Center: 'Apps' Pillar

The Apps Pillar allows the IPM to quickly create new Pipelines using pre-built Innovation apps from the Command Center page within the Brightidea Platform.  


Getting Started

  • To Get Started select the "Apps" icon from the menu bar on top

  • The IPM will be prompted to select an App type
    • Once an App is selected the IPM will be redirected to the Setup Wizard specific for the App they selected.

Available Apps:

Discuss (Initiate Engagement)


  • Does leadership want everyone thinking about an important theme?
  • With our Discuss app, you can connect a large number of colleagues in conversation and empower them with tools to share perspectives and exchange discussion notes with one another.
    • Click here to learn more

Solve (Solve a Problem)


  • Got a problem that's blocking progress on a key project?
  • With a Solve challenge, you can easily set up a challenge for employees to contribute solutions to a critical problem, and then assign subject matter experts to evaluate them.
    • Click here to learn more

Optimize (Improve a Business Area)


  • Want to improve key areas of your business?
  • With our Optimize app, you can collect suggested improvements to a business area, and easily send them to subject matter experts for evaluation and approval.
    • Click here to learn more

Hack (Build Prototypes)



  • Want to easily set up a Hackathon event?
  • With our Hack app, you can rapidly build a team to prototype a new project that leverages new technologies, and then have judges evaluate it for a chance of further development.
    • Click here to learn more

Incubate (Develop Opportunities)


  • Need to tackle projects that don't yet have a team?
  • With our Incubate app, you can submit and develop a business proposal through various stages of research and implementation.
    • Click here to learn more

Pitch (Fund Business Plans)


  • Want to have project ideas funded quickly?
  • With our Pitch app, budding entrepreneurs can pitch ideas for a new product or service, business model, or process, which executives can then evaluate and grant budget for further development.
    • Click here to learn more

Understand (Collect Insights)


  • Want to gain new insights into your customers?
  • Our Understand app empowers a research team to set up a large-scale project, where employees contribute to investigating a topic, and then review and analyze its most useful findings.
    • Click here to learn more

Monitor (Track Evolving Trends)


  • Want to stay abreast of developments in your industry?
  • Our Monitor app provides a collaborative space for employees to converse on market trends, post new information, and get notified of updates, ensuring that everyone stays informed.
    • Click here to learn more

Suggest (Consider Any Idea)


  • Need a suggestion box that drives every idea to resolution?
  • Our Suggest app gathers ideas from employees and routes each one to an owner, ensuring that it’s reviewed by an individual with relevant decision-making power.
    • Click here to learn more


  • To use this option to copy from an existing Pipeline/App by selecting the App to copy from the drop-down menu list


  • Use this option to create a custom Pipeline that fits your Innovation workflow and process.


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