Terms & Conditions

Once an Administrator sets their Terms & Conditions, this forces Users to agree to their legal disclaimer before any activity can be conducted within Brightidea when they log in.

Users will not be able to proceed into the Initiative without accepting the Terms & Conditions. If they close the window and come back, it will still show up until the User selects the check box and agrees.

Brightidea Admins have the option to have Terms & Conditions exist on the Enterprise and/or Initiative level. This is what Users will experience once they log into Brightidea for the first time.



Enterprise Level Terms & Conditions

This is found under Enterprise Setup > Site > Terms.


Once Admins have set the Enterprise Terms, any User that logs into either the Enterprise Login page or any Initiative will be prompted with the Terms & Conditions page. After a User agrees to the Terms, they will not have to do it again unless Admins reactivates a new version by selecting "Reactivate terms for already registered users?".

By selecting "Require users to view all Terms before accepting", each User will be required to scroll to the bottom of the Terms window before they are permitted to click the "Accept" button.

Always remember to select "Save Changes" when finished. 


Initiative Level Terms & Conditions

This is found under Initiative Setup > Site > Terms


If Admins wish to keep the Terms & Conditions set to one Initiative, Admins can set Initiative-level Terms by selecting "Initiative Terms and Conditions". These specific Terms will be displayed to the User once they login directly into the specific Initiative.

With this option, Initiatives can be excluded from the Enterprise Terms & Conditions. This can be applicable for large Enterprises that wish to run single or multiple Initiatives in which they require a separate set of Terms & Conditions.

If no Terms are set in Initiative Setup > Site >Terms, Terms agreement will not show for users when entering this specific Initiative only.

Important Things to Note:

  • The Terms and Conditions allows HTML content to be entered, but strips it out if Admins are looking to edit it. We recommend using "Notepad" or other word processing software to create your Terms and then save it locally - Admins can then copy-and-paste easily.
  • It is not possible to have the Terms & Conditions page appear every time a user logs in.
  • If Admins want 'Terms and Conditions' to be disabled, simply empty the content from the Terms and Conditions text area and press the "Save Changes" button.
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  • Avatar

    Is it possible to set a "scroll to end" requirement to the terms and conditions, so that "accept" is deactivated until the bottom of the T&C is reached to ensure increased confirmation?  If not, this would be useful functionality to add to the platform, especially for public-facing webstorms where your terms and conditions come into play more often.

  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Hey Christian - 

    Unfortunately that does not exist at this time.  Definitely feel free to submit that into our IdeaSpace forum.

    Thank you!



  • Avatar
    Sam Gasgous

    can we put a hyperlink that is clickable (AKA HTML code)?


  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hello Sam,

    The Terms and Conditions page does not support hyperlink html code at this time.

    Thank you,

    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Luca Volterrani

    Dear support,

    once the user accept terms and conditions how can the admin keep track of that?

    Let's assume that something goes wrong in an initiative and T&C with user acceptance must be retrieved to remind the rules that he/she has subscribed.

    How the admin do that? Is there a register that allow the admin to prove at anytime that the complaining user as accepted certain conditions?



  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Luca,

    There is no functionality right now that will allows an admin to track T&C. Please feel free to suggest something in our IdeaSpace (ideas.brightidea.com).

    Brightidea Support

    Edited by Brightidea Support