Setting up 'Dynamic Navigation'

Dynamic navigation allows the administrator to setup navigation links in the top bar for all users to easily access any page on your Brightidea site!   


  • Dynamic Navigation is available on both Enterprise and Challenge/Site levels.
    • Administrators should be careful how they setup navigation as the user progresses through their Brightidea site and make sure the navigation context makes sense throughout the site.
  • Administrators have the ability to choose who has access to these hyperlinks in the top navigation, the following options are available for each link configured:
    • System Administrators only if it is on Enterprise level
    • Site Administrators only if it is on the Challenge/Site level
    • ALL - Everyone in the Brightidea system can access this
    • ADMIN - Only Administrators 
    • EVALUATOR - Switchboard Evaluators (Added manually via Old Switchboard Setup) - 
      • Navigation items set to "Evaluator" can be set by system evaluators set in Switchboard Setup.
      • If an end user is assigned an action item, and is not added as an evaluator in Switchboard setup, the navigation item will not populate for that user. 
    • Moderator - Learn more about how to configure a moderator here.
  • To add a new link in dynamic navigation, select the "Add a Navigation Item" from the setup page:

  • To add a sub-navigation link, select the green plus sign next to the drop-down of the existing top level link:

    • Any sub-items will be in the drop-down menu of the main item. 
  • To remove any dynamic navigation item, select the Red "X" on the right of it:
    • The administrator will receive a pop-up to confirm the deletion of the navigation item:
  • Administrators can also drag and drop any item to change the order of their dynamic navigation links. 
    • Drag the up and down arrow icon on the far left of the dynamic navigation item:

  • Select far right check-box to make the URL open in a new window:
  • If the Brightidea site uses multiple domains for the, the best way to setup the dynamic navigation is with the following notation:
    • ../ct/page_name
    • See the below screenshot - the dynamic navigation will inherit whichever URL the user is actually on, if multiple.
    • Example, if a user uses "" or "", the domain will carry through all their navigation links so the experience is seamless when browsing the Brightidea site.
  • For each item added to dynamic navigation, the administrator should use the standard 'dynamic link' option from the blue arrow drop-down to select pre-determined pages.  
    • The administrator can choose to select pages that would most likely be used within their Brightidea site:
      • Home
      • Post Idea
      • My Profile
      • View Ideas
      • Setup
      • Blog
      • About
      • Member Landing Page
      • Action Items
      • Manage Pipelines
      • Business Results
      • Evaluation page
  • Notes: 
    • The administrator can also manually input any URL they wish for each item (example, any public company website URL, Google, etc.)
    • The Evaluation Page links evaluators to the latest step (i.e., the furthest right in the pipeline) in which they have assigned action items. This link can only be made available to evaluators (i.e., users who have been added as an evaluator to an evaluation Step).

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