Setting up Google Analytics in Brightidea

On Initiative level and Enterprise level, the Administrator can setup Google Analytics right within Site & Enterprise Setup.

  • The feature is now located in Setup > Beta in both Initiative & Enterprise:


  • Select what audience is respected in regards to the analytics Google will pull:
    • Anyone, including people who have not logged in (This is catered to public sites which users could view ideas and not log into the system)
    • People who have logged in (This will apply to all users, administrator or end users)
    • People who have logged in and are end-users (This will apply to only users who login that are end users)
    • People who have logged in and are admin  (This will apply to only users who login that are administrators)
  • The next step is to add the Google Analytics ID from the administrators' Google Analytics account:


  • Once added, the Google Analytics will be all set.  The user can then go into their Google Analytics account and track activity such as logins, browser usage, etc!
  • The administrator can use the same code (or different codes) for specific Initiative(s) and/or the Enterprise.  
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    Kuhan Milroy

    I need to setup Google Analytics tracking for the enterprise and all webstorms. Will the Enterprise configuration flow down to all existing Webstorms?

    Also, I need to anonymize the IP. Typically this is done by adding some code to what Google Analytics provides:

    ga('set', 'anonymizeIp', true);

    How can I go about including this? Or is the address already anonymized?

    Thank you



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    Anthony Madama

    Hey Kuhan -

    There is tracking on both levels - so you can set it up on main Enterprise - and all underlying WebStorms.

    Our feature does not accommodate anonymous IP, I believe you will need to set that up on your own.

    Hope this helps - thank you.