Submission Drafts

Brightidea's 'Drafts' feature allows users to save their incomplete submissions as 'drafts' either automatically (as users are entering a submission) or manually. Let's get to the info below. 

Getting Started

  • First, add the "My Drafts" widget to one of your Challenge/WebStorm pages where users can easily find their drafts.  
    • It will show all pending drafts for the user when they save submissions to be drafted - or when the submission is automatically saved.
  • A submission is automatically saved once after five seconds once the user stops typing their  submission description on submission page.
  • If the user manually selects the "Save Draft" button on the submission page, they will see a popup confirmation show up automatically above the title as confirmation their draft was saved:

Drafts widget:

  • The widget automatically shows the user's saved drafts.
    • The timestamp for when the draft was saved is reflected after the title.
    • The user can select the delete icon to the left of the title to completely remove the draft from their saved list:


Member Landing Page:

  • The member landing page (if used on your Brightidea site) will also display users' saved drafts in the "submissions" tab.
    • Selecting the "X" icon will allow the user to delete any saved drafts.
    • Selecting the title or "Edit" will bring the user to the submission page to continue where they left off.


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  • Avatar
    Dugdale Dugdale

    Is there a way to see how many idea drafts are in a particular Webstorm?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Damian,

    Unfortunately, there is no reporting or functionality to view saved drafts of other users.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    ADMIN - Anne L. ProdigyWorks

    I agree with Damian! It would be great as the Administrator to see what's "out there" in terms of drafts that can't be seen by anyone else! I think we have some perfectionists and idea hoarders in our teams! Even if the user activity report could show how many drafts each user currently has saved, it would be a huge help.
    Thank you for considering this.

  • Avatar
    Luca Volterrani

    Is it possible to disable the "Save draft" option?

  • Avatar
    Vikas Katyal

    Can the administrator view the list of submissions in Drafts mode?

  • Avatar

    Hi Katyal,
    Administrators cannot view submissions of any other Users. Only the User that created the Draft can see them.