Initiative-level Widgets

This article will explain the functionality for all of the available widgets at the Site level. Below, administrators will see a brief description of each widget at the Site level.

Make sure to click into each widget article for more details! 



Most content on Site pages is displayed inside “Widgets”. There are scores of widgets available, and they are used to display both static and dynamic content.

When you want to edit the layout of pages or the content displayed, make sure widget setup mode is enabled.

Then, modify individual pages by adding and deleting widgets as needed, and arrange the layout by simply dragging and dropping widgets!

Active Blogs

  • This widget shows the 5 most active blogs according to comments
  • Click here to learn more about Site level blogs


Blog Archives 

  • The blog archives widget groups the blogs by month, for the past 10 months.



  • The Categories widget will list all of the categories for a specific Site.
  • Users can click on each category to load a filtered idealist based on the idea category.
  • Click here to learn more


Challenge Overview

  • The Challenge Overview Widget gives users a summary of the WebStorm and will allow administrators to inform participants of the goals of the challenge. 
  • Click here to learn more 


Community Stats

  • This widget displays the campaign totals for the following items: Ideas, comments, votes and users.
  • Click here to learn more 



  • The countdown widget provides a countdown to the end of the Site
  • Note: The Countdown Widget and the Phase widget are not tied together and must be configured separately
  • Click here to learn more


Download Our Mobile App Widget

  • This widget allows the user to download Brightidea's mobile application 
  • Clicking on either iPhone or Android option will send the user an email with a link to download the mobile application via the iTunes store or Google Play 
  • Click here to learn more 


Enterprise Update Results

  • All user inputted update posts will be displayed in this widget.


Extra Links

  • This widget allows the Admin to provide links to other pages. The links can be modified from the Setup page (under Site Extra Links).
  • Links may be internal to Site or can be directed to any internet or intranet site.
  • Click here to learn more


Idea Team

  • This widget displays all members associated with the team who submitted a particular idea.
  • Click here to learn more


Image Widget

  • This widget allows administrators to upload an image to the Site pages


Invite A Friend

  • This widget will allow you to invite your users to register to your Site login page
  • Click here to learn more


Initiative Login

  • The login widget shows screen name, allows the user to log-out and navigates administrators to Site Setup
  • Click here to learn more


Mini Idea List

  • The Mini Idea List widget shows all ideas in the Site. 
  • Click here to learn more 


Mini Tag Cloud

  • This widget allows end users to see the most popular key words and phrases listed for ideas in Site
  • Click here to learn more 


Mini Top Contributors

  • This widget ranks users according to points within Site (Idea Submissions, Votes, etc...)
  • Select “More” to see remaining list


Enterprise My Blog Draft

  • With this widget, administrators can view all saved blog drafts in their Site blog
  • Click here to learn more about Site Blogs  


My Comments

  • This widget displays the user’s 20 most recent comments for ideas within the Site. 


My Favorites

  • This widget shows the ideas a user has added to their favorites list.
  • Ideas are marked “Favorite” on the idea page by clicking on the star icon.
  • Click here to learn more.


My Idea Drafts

  • This widget keeps ideas that were not submitted but are drafts.
  • Click here to learn more.


My Ideas

  • This widget displays the user’s 20 most recent ideas within the Site.


My Info

  • This widget displays user profile fields in regards to user
  • Click here to learn more


My Messages

  • This widget displays messages sent by other users and allows user to manage received messages.
  • Click here to learn more


My Stats

  • This widget displays user’s personal statistics: Number of Ideas, Votes of Support, Comments, Total Points and Messages
  • Click here to learn more.


My Voting Chips

  • My Voting Chips Widgets allows you to keep track of chips being dealt out.
  • The widget contains a counter of your outstanding votes, and allows you to recall all your dealt out "chips" so you can revote on any idea you wish.
  • Click here to learn more about chips voting.


Phase Widget 

  • The phase widget allows IPM’s/ administrators to visually articulate which phase a Site is in.
  • Click here to learn more


 Post Blog 

  • Displays the “Post Blog” button, it will take the user to the blog submission page.


Post Idea

  • This widget will take the user to the submission form for them to fill out.


Post Update 2.0

  • This widget allows any user to post thoughts, what they are working on, an image, a video or anything.
  • Click here to learn more


Private Login Widget

  • This widget is an optional alternative to login widget.
  • You have the option to  choose Facebook, Twitter, or Google login as well.


Recent Blog Titles

  • This widget gives a list of the 5 most recent Site blogs posted.


Recent Blogs

  • Displays a list with blog description of the 3 most recent Site blogs posts.


Recent Ideas

  • This widget shows the 3 most recent ideas submitted to the Site.


Request Initiative

  • Request Initiative allows any user to request their own Site to the system administrator
  • Click here to learn more.


Rich Text/HTML

  • Administrators can add rich text or html to this widget, this will allows endless customizability.
  • This includes, bold, italics, underline, embedding HTML, etc...
  • Click here to learn more


RSS Feed

  • This widget allows you to import the RSS code from a page and display the title in the widget.
  • You can use this third party website to make sure the RSS feed is valid:


Send Link

  • Users can email the current Site page they are on to others with this widget.
  • Click here to learn more



  • The sponsor widget displays the sponsor of the Site 


Status Widget

  • The Status Widget will display all statuses for the Site.
  • When a user clicks on a status link, the display of ideas is filtered to show ideas of that status only.


Subscribe to Initiative

  • This widget allows users to directly subscribe to a Initiative
  • Once subscribed they will receive email notifications about new ideas in that Site.



  • The Tags Widget will display the 7 most common tags and a “more” button to show all tags in a “Tag Cloud”



  • Administrators can enter text and/or HTML code into this widget
  • Click here to learn more 


 Top Contributors

  • Displays the top contributors in the Site as well as the ability to message, invite, and view users’ profile.



  • This widget shows the 20 most recent updates to all aspects of the Site. For example: Status changes, New Idea Submission, New Comments, etc.


User Community

  • This widget displays latest registered or logged in users for the Site.
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    Marti Andrews

    For the Initiative/Site "User Community" Widget, when you're in Widget Edit mode and go to edit this widget, there is a field for Options. Can someone detail what options can be added here?