'Countdown' Widget

Countdown Widget

The Countdown Widget allows for an elegant and built-in solution of adding a simple count-down solution to Challenge/WebStorm pages.

  • To get started, add the widget at the WebStorm level from the widget drop-down menu:


    • Once added, the Countdown widget will appear on the page:


    • To configure the count-down clock, select the Pencil icon in the Countdown widget title bar,


  • Within the configuration section, the administrator can configure the following:
    1. Countdown Title
    2. End Date and Time (Select from the Date Selector and hour/minute drop-downs)
    3. End Message
  • Once the configuration is set, select the Pencil icon once more to save changes.
    • The widget will countdown to the selected date and time
  • When the Countdown time is complete, the End Message (below) will appear within the widget:
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    Jennifer Ballenger

    Where do I add the widget from? I know you say to begin at the Webstorm setup, but I have 13 categories on the left side of my screen. Where, exactly, should I start?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Jennifer,

    You can add this widget from the widget drop-down menu,


    Keep in mind, it's not available on all pages. Also, if you are using the new Apps with the new responsive home page, that does not support widgets at all.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support