'Countdown' Widget

Countdown Widget

The Countdown Widget allows for an elegant and built-in solution of adding a simple count-down solution to Challenge/WebStorm pages.

  • To get started, add the widget at the WebStorm level from the widget drop-down menu:


    • Once added, the Countdown widget will appear on the page:


    • To configure the count-down clock, select the Pencil icon in the Countdown widget title bar,


  • Within the configuration section, the administrator can configure the following:
    1. Countdown Title
    2. End Date and Time (Select from the Date Selector and hour/minute drop-downs)
    3. End Message
  • Once the configuration is set, select the Pencil icon once more to save changes.
    • The widget will countdown to the selected date and time
  • When the Countdown time is complete, the End Message (below) will appear within the widget:
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