Understanding the Brightidea 'Member Landing Page'

The Brightidea landing page incorporates new activity and displays a whole new look in the Brightidea community!

  • The Landing page is not a substitute for a Brightidea profile - this is a page meant for users to see a full overview of your activity in your innovation community when logging into Brightidea.
  • Administrators can add widgets to the landing page as well as edit via CSS.
  • The member landing page can be found in one of dynamic fields choices in your navigation selection under "Member Landing Page"
  • The full URL is: https://yourcompany.brightidea.com/ct/c_member_landing.bix?a=OD____
  • This page is available to all users in the Brightidea system.


Table of Contents

Search Bar

  • The search bar allows for easy access for searching across the system on the top right. 
  • Users can search ideas, projects, users, WebStorms, and more!

Access to Profile

  • Clicking on "Edit Profile" will allow users to edit your profile personal profile information.
  • Users may also change your profile picture here.  
  • More information around the Brightidea profile here    

Activity Feed

  • The new member landing page allow users to post updates by typing in the text box. 
  • The user also have the ability to upload a photo or video along with your update post. 
  • The user can also comment on the activity of other users. 

Action Items

  • The number next to the "Action Items" tab indicates the number of open action items that a user has.
  • Open action items may be in the form of scorecards or proposals.


  • The "Action Items" page is divided into two sections, "Open Action Item" and "Completed Action Item." 
  • The date that an open action item is required to be completed by is shown to the right of a proposal or scorecard, and the the date that a completed action item was completed by is also shown to the right.
  • It will give hyperlinks to access the users' action items to complete their tasks.
  • Review this article on how to trigger action items

Private Messages


  • Users are able to manage their private messages between other Brightidea users here as well as sending a new message.                                   


  • The "Ideas" page is divided into three sections,"Posted Ideas," "Idea Draft" and "Comment On Ideas." 
  • In the "Posted Ideas" section, users are able to view details and manage ideas that you have posted. 
  • The "Idea Draft" section allows usersto edit Ideas that were not yet submitted but were saved as drafts. 
  • The "Comment On Ideas" sections allows users to view comments that they have made on ideas.


  • The "Proposals" page displays all the proposals that the user is the owner of, as well as all proposals that you are participating in. 
  • To the right of a proposal displays the number of collaborators as well as the date it was updated.


  • The "Projects" page displays all the projects the user is working on. 
  • To the right of a particular projects displays the number of collaborators as well as the date it was created or updated.
  • All projects the user is affiliated with (owner or team) will be revealed on the "Projects" widget on the landing page when you login to WebStorm
  • Click "Show all" to see an un-collapsed complete list

Projects I'm Following

People I'm Following

  • Displays the users the user is following.  
  • They will receive updates in their updates feed on their activity.                                 

My Statistics

  • Displays all statistics regarding the users' idea submissions, comments, and voting.

My Challenges

  • Displays all WebStorms the user has access to.
  • The Campaign (WebStorm) list on the member landing page has no defined logic that determines the order.  
  • It is not alphabetical or numerical.

My Communities

  • Displays access to any respective communities.

Important things to Note:

  • The Member Landing page is hard coded for what is there now, but we can add mostly any widget(s) to this page.
  • Users can access the member landing page by going to the Enterprise URL and simply adding "/home" at the end.
  • Using domain restriction, administrator(s) can limit which users can see the Member Landing page by using email domain.
    • If no domain restriction is set, any user can access this page.
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  • Avatar

    Is it possible to apply the same layout of section "11. Your Statistics" to Webstorm's "Community Stats" widget?

  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Hello - unfortunately the designs are fixed for all out of the box widgets - you could however try and updating them using CSS.



    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Damian Dugdale

    On the main image above you've got a widget called My communities - I can't for the life of me find it and it's the one I'm looking for ... can you tell me where it is. THanks

  • Avatar

    Hi Damian,

    That widget is just our regular beta community directory widget titled "My Communities". There is no actual "My Communities" widget in the software. If you'd like, I can go ahead and add that widget for you if needed.


    Brightidea Support