How do I setup my 'Contact Email' & 'Contact Name'?


How do I setup my 'Contact Email'?


  • Default contact email will be:

WebStorm/Enterprise Setup

  • To view or change the contact email navigate to WebStorm or Enterprise Setup --> Site --> Components
  • Change the Contact Email & Contact Name fields to the desired address
  • Select "Save Changes" 
    • Note: 'Contact Name' will be used as the name for the sender field of each email if configured in Enterprise and WebStorm setup. 



  • The administrator can make changes to this in both Enterprise and WebStorm levels.
  • If the administrator removes the "Contact Email" on the WebStorm level, it will default to the Enterprise contact email if empty.   
  • The WebStorm level will take priority contact email over Enterprise if there is an idea submission within any campaign.
  • If activity is conducted on Enterprise level (i.e. a Updater comment) then the Enterprise email will be used in the Contact email. 
  • A "%20" might show if there are spaces - please remove them and save!
  • This contact email also applies to all emails triggered from WebStorm Admin, Switchboard, and Pipeline
  • The contact email is also the "Contact Us" email at the bottom of every Enterprise and Webstorm page footer.


Communications Tab

  • Administrators can also configure contact name and email in the Communications tab in Pipeline
    • Click here to learn more
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