Everything You Need to Know About Submission 'Comments'!

Commenting on ideas allows further collaboration within your Brightidea system!  Please refer to the following information below.




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Enabling / Disabling Comments

  • Comments can turned on or off by heading to the following admin page:  WebStorm Setup-->  Ideas --> Comments --> Comment Submission 


  • Make sure to "Save Changes" at the bottom!
  • Also, if you wish to enable/disable replies to comments - you must turn on or off the "Comment Replies" option as well. 
  • Once enabled - users can make comments to ideas.
    • If disabled, it will freeze all previously submitted comments, and not allow either administrators or end users to further comment (or reply to a comment) on ideas

Comment Replies

  • When an Idea is posted, users can make comments. Then someone can reply on the comment that was posted. 
  • Clicking the "Reply" on the first comment will place a comment under the last submitted comment.
  • The "Reply" button doesn't show on second replied comments - so all comments go in this order:
    • Parent Comment, Child Comment 1, Child Comment 2, Child Comment 3, etc...
  • Email Triggering Scenario:
    • User A posts an idea. 
    • User B comments on User A's idea. 
    • User C comments on User B's comment as a comment reply.
    • In this use case, User B will receive all comment emails on that idea if the "New comment on idea" template is enabled. 
    • Since User B and User C are fellow commentators - they will see all comments, as well as receiving emails notifications.
    • User A, as the idea submitter will see all comments, therefore he/she will be sent email notifications regarding those comments
    • Leveraging private messages maybe an option to keep the communication locked down if the admin wish to keep certain information to be hidden from certain users.

Attachments on Comments & Comment Replies

  • Refer to this article regarding enabling attachments for comments - and comment replies.

Comment Anchor Links

  • Refer to this article regarding comment anchor links which allows comments to be shared easily via a condensed link.

Editing & Deleting Comments

  • To enable comment editing / deleting for the end user navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Ideas --> Comments --> "Comment Editing for Submitter & "Comment Deleting for Submitter"
    • Select "Save Changes"

  • End User Perspective: 
    • When enabled the idea commenter can see pencil and delete icon.
  • User is able to edit when clicking the "pencil" icon, and save when clicking "save" icon:


  • The end user is able to delete comment by selecting the red "X"
    • The end user can only delete their own comments
    • The end user  will get a confirmation popup message before the action takes place

  • Once selected, the end user is prompted with this confirmation message:
  • The end user can continue to remove the comment or cancel.
  • Once removed - it will show this message for all users, including administrators:

  • If a end user commenter decided to delete their comment, the commenter and/or administrator has the option to restore that comment if deemed so.
  • If the administrator removes the comment, the message will say the following:

  • Once selected, the comment is back visible to the idea for all users to see.

  • Administrator Perspective: 
    • Remember: WebStorm & System administrators, by default, can now edit & delete any comments at their discretion.
    • The administrator perspective is the same as is for the end user.  The administrator has the access to edit and restore any end user comments.
    • If an end user makes a comment - and if the administrator wants to remove it - they will get new option to do one of the following:
      • Replace comment with "This comment has been removed by Administrator".  and keep all replies to the comment
      • Permanently delete this comment and any replies     
    • Replace comment with default alert: 
  • If #1 is selected, user gets this pop up confirmation:


  • User will get a "Comment updated successfully" option upon selecting "Continue"
  • If #2 is selected, user gets this pop up confirmation: 


  • Once selected, the comment will be removed automatically - as well as any of its replies. 
    • It will also return any reputation points
    • This action cannot be reverted.  

Important things to note about comment editing and deleting:

  • This feature only applies to idea comments.
  • All changes are trickled to the "My Comments" widgets on both WebStorm & Enterprise levels, respectively.
  • When parent comments are deleted, child comments will also be deleted and a warning message is displayed. 
  • Comment counts are also modified accordingly in the corresponding widgets. 
  • All changes are trickled to the "Updates" widget on both WebStorm & Enterprise levels, respectively.
  • Any removed comments will say "Removed by Admin." or "Removed by Submitter" in ideas report in "Comments" column depending on who conducted.. 
  • On "Restore" comment, point reactived uses real-time value update - These are set in WebStorm Reputation point settings
  • This does not accommodate API, Facebook Plugin, custom idea comment widgets, iPhone App or Yammer components

Hiding Comments

  • Only WebStorm or System Administrators can hide comments from end users.
  • For the Comments, the administrator can hide individual comments by selecting the red blockade icon.  We have 2-layer threads with comments, meaning a user can reply to a comment, but a user can't reply to a reply.
  • This shows that the comment is still visible - and can be chosen be hidden:

  • This shows that the comment is now hidden from end users (only administrators can see this comment) - and can be unhidden:

  • The administrator can hide individual comments, and if that comment had replies, the replies will also be hidden - or the administrator can just hide replies.  
  • Please be aware of the following when hiding parent and replied (child) comments:
    • When hiding a parent comment, and the admin DOES NOT want the count of the children to show for the end user, he/she will need to hide the replied comments as well BEFORE hiding the parent.  
    • Due to the parent and child relationship, we need to keep the comments in this fashion due to the parent and child relationship.
    • If the admin hides the parents, but do not hide the replied comments (child comments) - the end user will see a link to access those child comments, but will not be able to access them, which may cause confusion. 

Voting on Comments

  • Refer to this article to find out more information around comment voting.

Admin Comments

  • Refer to this article to find out more information around administrative comments.

Private Comments and Submitter Q&A

  • Administrators/Evaluators also have the ability to post other comment types on the View Submission page.
    • Note: Private comments are visible only to administrators and evaluators.
  • On the View Submission 2.0 page, click on the dropdown menu in the comments section to change the comment type when posting a comment:



  • To post a private comment, select "Private" and enter your comment.



  • Private comments will appear in the comments section of the idea.
    • A yellow "Private" label indicates that the comment is a private comment.
  • Only evaluators will receive notifications of new private comments.
    • End users and idea submitter(s) will not be notified and will not have access to any private comments.



  • Submitter Q&A comments are private threads that allow the idea submitter(s) and idea team members to be involved in the comment thread with idea evaluators or administrators.
  • To post a Submitter Q&A comment select "Submitter Q&A" from the dropdown menu in the comments section:



  • After a Submitter Q&A comment is posted, a yellow "Submitter Q&A" label will appear around the comment.
  • Comments marked as Submitter Q&A will be visible to the idea submitter and all evaluators on the idea.
    • With this comment type, the idea submitter will receive a notification alerting them of the comment post.
    • End users who are not part of the idea will not be notified and will not have access to these comments.



  • Refer to this article to find out more information around using these comment types on action items.

Comment Reporting

  • As a WebStorm or System administrator, the admin can export all comments on ideas within each WebStorm.
  • To do so - navigate to WebStorm Setup ---> Exports ---> Ideas
  • Select the "Download Ideas" report and the admin has to make sure to select "Include Idea comments"

Truncated Comments

  • By default, comments are sorted by oldest first.
  • However, if the admin enables the "Truncated Votes & Comments" option, comments will be sorted by newest first.
  • This option can be toggled under: WebStorm Setup ---> Ideas --> Ideas
  • With Truncated Votes & Comments on View Idea Page, it will truncate comments on an idea once it hits 15 comments by giving a link to "show older comments."


Important things to Note:

  • There is no character limit for comments.
  • HTML is stripped from comments.
  • Comments trigger significant amount of email templates - see the Email Templates guide to become familiar.
  • There are no "anonymous comments" yet in Brightidea
  • There is also a feature that allows end users to be able to see the number of promoted / demoted comments with Comment Voting enabled in the WebStorm.
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  • Avatar
    Kathy Ternes

    Is there a way to remove an attachment from a comment?  It appears if you hide the comment with the attachment, both the comment and attachment will be hidden.  I'd rather just delete the attachment but keep the comment.  Is this possible?

  • Avatar
    Andrew St. Clair

    We need a functionality to add private 'idea owner' only comments. We also need a 'sandbox' tab, that allows general free-text updates to be appended to the case, without using the social comments feed.




  • Avatar

    Hello Kathy,

    There is no functionality available which would allow you to delete a comment attachment. Only option is to delete the entire comment and ask the comment submitter to re-submit.


    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar

    Hi Andrew,

    We strongly encourage you to submit your comment feature enhancement request to our “IdeaSpace” (http://bi.brightidea.com/ideas).  This will allow all Brightidea clients to collaborate and vote on their favorite ideas – including yours!


    Brightidea Support