Search functionality in Brightidea

Brightidea uses the latest SOLR search technology directly integrated within the entire platform. SOLR supports real-time indexing and is one of the most popular Enterprise search solutions.



Tips for Search, and what will work:

For Example, if my idea was: 

Idea Code: D100

Title: Green Technology

Description: We need new process.

The following will work in Brightidea’s Search in the text box to find this specific idea:

  • Green Technology
  • D100
  • We need new process
  • New process
    • Please note:
      • By default, all results with matches found in idea titles are returned first.
      • The secondary order is based on database field indexing.
      • Users need to search with at least three characters minimum to return any matching results.
      • Search logic uses  “and” only, notor
      • Idea title matches will be results does not count the weight of matching word to show up first
  • Enterprise level searches across:
    • Idea Titles
    • Idea Code
    • Idea Description
    • Submission Form Questions
    • Initiative Titles
    • Blog Posts
    • Users (Screen name and/or email)
    • Tags
    • Statuses
  • Initiative level searches across:
    • Blog Posts
    • Idea Titles
    • Idea Code
    • Idea Descriptions
    • Submission Form Questions
    • Statuses
    • Tags
    • Users

Search Type - Ahead 

  • Search type-ahead allows automatic results when a user attempts to search in Brightidea.
    • An automatic drop-down will display to auto-suggest results the system feels it should give the user.


Search Enterprise / Initiative Toggle

  • Global Navigation at the Initiative level allow the user to either search the Enterprise or Intiative level depending on the configuration.
    • In Site Setup > Site > Enterprise, set the option called "Allow users to search other Pipelines" which will allow Global Navigation to search either Enterprise (All Pipelines) or Initiative.


  • When searching the user will see the Initiative name in the search bar indicating that they are searching the given Initiative only:

  • If the user would like to search the entire Enterprise level instead, they can close the Initiative search by selecting the "X" or simply pressing the backspace on their keyboard.


Important Things to Note:

  • Project search is only available on Enterprise level at this time.
  • Search History report is available on the Initiative level for administrators
  • The search feature has no “remove filter” functionality.  
  • If user wishes to clear a search result screen, the user must start a new search or navigate back to homepage.
  • There is no customization of the Enterprise search unfortunately.
    • In Enterprise, if a user is not a part of a group within a Initiative, they will not be able to search for an idea within that Initiative.
    • For Example: if John Adams was in Group A in Initiative A. And he searches for an idea in Group B in Initiative B, he will only search for ideas within Initiative A.
  • If user chooses to not select: "Allow all users to see extra questions" - search will also respect this setting in search by filtering out results
  • It is not possible to search the Enterprise level from the Initiative level at this time.
  • User search results do not filter by any restrictions (group or domain)
  • The community search feature works similarly to Enterprise search.
    • One difference being, searching within a community will only search Initiatives that are part of that community.
  • Search for exact matches using when enclosed in quotes " "
  • Exclude terminology by adding a - in front of the term
  • Keyboard hotkeys have been added to access and navigate in search
    • Access search with “/” or ⌘K or Ctrl+K
    • Arrow Up and Arrow Down keys will navigate the search list when open
  • Deactivated Users no longer listed in search results
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  • Avatar
    Chris Botto

    Hi how can I use the search by idea code - is there an enterprise level report that lists the code? I only see idea id in the wbstorm detail report and this can't be searched on



  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Chris,

    You can search for the code by simply typing it in the search bar. E.g. D101

    The code can be found directly on the idea or in the WebStorm Admin/Pipeline Idea list views.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Chris Botto

    Is it possible to restrict a search to a specific category?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately, the search can not be restricted by category at this time. However, you can utilize of "category" widget to filter ideas by category if needed right on the idea list.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about this.

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Hegarty

    Hi Ron,

    Is there something I can do on a webstorm level to only search ideas within that webstorm? We have global nav on as well.


  • Avatar
    Joseph Hines

    Hi Stephanie,

    The best way to do this would be to select "Restrict Global Navigation user search results to this WebStorm's Access Group" under the Enterprise tab in WebStorm setup. When enabled users will not be able to search for ideas that are part of WebStorms they do not have access to.