Everything You Need to Know About 'Idea Status Changes'

Everything You Need to Know About 'Idea Status Changes'

Idea status changes are a critical point in the idea development process.  (Read more details on idea statuses, here) As Innovation Program Managers & Challenge Administrators make initial decisions on which ideas to move forward, leveraging status changes are a very pivotal step for end users to know if their ideas are indeed moving forward or not. In this article, we will review all the details with idea status changes!



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Changing Idea Status via Pipeline Management

  • Idea statuses in Pipeline can be changed from both Step View and List View

Step View

  • To edit an idea status from the Step View, the administrator can click on the idea(s) and either click the "Actions" button or right click and then select "Change Status"

  • Once "Change Status" is selected the administrator will see a pop up box to select the new status:

  • The administrator will have the option to "Add Idea Status Change Reason."
  • If an Idea Status Change Reason is included the admin also has the options to
    • Include in Email Notification
    • Include as an Idea Comment
    • Add as an Admin Comment
  • To submit the status change click "Change Status"

  • After "Change Status" is submitted the user will see a pop up to confirm the status change

List View

  • There are two ways to edit an idea status from List View 
  • One way is to highlight the idea(s) by selecting the checkbox in the left column and then click the "Actions" button or right click and then select "Change Status"
  • Once selected the admin will be prompted to fill out the same pop up box from Step View

  • The second way to change an idea status from list view is with Inline Editing
  • To begin make sure that "Status" is an enabled column in the List View by selecting "Status" from the gear icon:

  • Navigate to the "Status" column and click directly on the idea status:

  • The administrator will be prompted to select a new idea status from the drop down menu:

  • Once selected the administrator can click anywhere outside of the status box and the new status will automatically save:


Changing Idea Status via Submission View Page

  • Please note, that this is for an administrator/moderator only.
    • Navigate to the View Submission page,
    • Select the pencil icon on the top left under the submission title.
      • Once selected, the submission status can be changed.
    • Once this is conducted, any necessary email notifications will be sent out to respective users.

Changing Idea Status via Rules Engine

  • Using automated custom rules, the administrator can trigger an automatic status change based on specific conditions.
  • Read more about how to do conduct that, here!

Reputation Point Allocation when Changing Status

  • We now have the capability to give reputation points to users if their idea status is changed to something specific.
    • To read more about reputation points, refer to this article.
    • In Site Setup > Ideas > Statuses, the administrator will see a section for 'Status Reputation Points:

  • Note that if the statuses are configured on the Enterprise level, there will be link to Enterprise to view, as well as show all statuses.
  • Each status can be given points (i.e. any idea moving forward might garner users to get extra points)  The administrator can add those allotments and select 'Save Changes'!
  • If any idea is changed to a specific status, and that has a point allotment, that idea's submitter will receive those reputation points.
  • These points will be reflected in:

Idea Status Change Email Templates

  • Please note the respective emails that will be triggered when an idea's status is changed.
    • You must configure your email template for status change on the Enterprise/Pipeline level.
      • To configure the email templates on the Pipeline level, refer to this article.
      • Please make sure the dynamic field called [STATUS_CHANGE_REASON] is in the template if you are using status change reason functionality.
    • The administrator can configure both Idea Status Change email templates (one for subscribers /contributors, one for the submitter)


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