Managing 'Idea Status Changes' with Submissions

Idea Status changes are a critical point in the idea development process. As Innovation Program Managers & Challenge Administrators make initial decisions on which ideas to move forward, leveraging status changes are a very pivotal step for end users to know if their ideas are indeed moving forward or not. In this article, we will review all the details with idea status changes!

Note: This article is for Idea Status changing - if you would like to learn more on configuring Idea Statuses for Initiatives, see our support article here on Enterprise Level Statuses or the support article here on Initiative Level Statuses


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Changing Idea Status via Pipeline Management

Idea statuses in Pipeline can be changed from both Step View and List View. Each of these views is described in further detail below.

Step View

To manually change an idea status from the Step View, Admins can click onto the idea(s) so that it highlights blue, and either click into the "Actions" dropdown or right-click and then select "Change Status".


Once "Change Status" is selected, Admins will see a pop-up box to select the new Status.


Admins will also have the option to "Add Idea Status Change Reason". If selected, Admins will then have additional options to apply a Change Reason, include the reason in an Email Notification, and include the reason in a Comment/Admin Comment.

To submit the Status Change click "Change Status".

List View

To manually change an idea status from the List View, Admins can click onto the idea(s) so that it highlights blue, and either click into the "Actions" dropdown or right-click and then select "Change Status".

Once selected, Admins will be prompted to fill out the same pop-up box from Step View


Changing Idea Status via Submission View Page

Admins can change the Status of Submissions by going directly to the View Submission page. This is only on View Idea 2.0, and not on View Idea 3.0. On this page, when Admins hover over the Status, they will see a pencil icon appear that will allow them to change Status.

Note: Only Users with certain permissions can change Statuses. See our permissions chart here for reference.


Similarly to Steps View and List View, a prompt will appear that provides Admin options to make changes to the Status and send out notifications if needed.


Changing Idea Status via Rules Engine

Using automated custom rules, Admins can trigger a Status Change automatically based on specific conditions. Read more about how our Rules Engine can be configured here!

Reputation Point Allocation when Changing Status

Brightidea also provides the capability to give reputation points to Idea Submitters if their Idea Status is changed to specific statuses. If your site has Team Submission enable, read more on Team Submission here, all members of the submission team will receive reputation points for status changes to the idea. To read more about reputation points, refer to this article.

In Site Setup > Ideas > Statuses, Admins will see a section for 'Status Reputation Points.


Note: The Reputation points will be reflected in the following places:

Idea Status Change Email Templates

If Admins wish to send a Pipeline Communication to Users in regards to Idea Status Change, Admins must first configure the email template for Status Change within the Pipeline Setup. To configure the email templates on the Pipeline level, refer to this article.

There are two templates that Admins can configure for Idea Status Change, one for Submitters and another one for the Subscribers.

Note: Please make sure the dynamic field called [STATUS_CHANGE_REASON] is in the template if you are using status change reason functionality.

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