What happens when user(s) "follow" another user in Brightidea?

In Brightidea, user can now "follow" a user from the profile page.

  • Essentially, when user(s) "follow" another fellow Brightidea user, they can subscribe to their activity via the landing page.
  • To follow a user: 
    • The user can simply hover over the user's profile picture in WebStorm or Enterprise to select 'Follow'
      • or select "Follow" in their profile page. 
        • Select "Follow":  


  • Once s user is 'following' a person, they will receive an email noting that you have chosen to follow them. 
    • Email Template that controls this notification is under Enterprise Setup --> System Email Messages --> WebStorm --> Follow User
  • On the user's Member Landing page, they will be subscribed to see their ideas, comments, posted updates, votes, as well as seeing their own.
  • Users can always "unfollow" someone as well by selecting the same link on the users' profile
  • Note: The follow functionality only works with Enterprise profiles enabled at the WebStorm level.
  • Administrators can hide the elements via Custom CSS in Enterprise Setup
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  • Avatar
    Mark Christensen

    To see the Follow button for a user, you must be using Enterprise Profile pages.

  • Avatar
    Dan Press

    Is the Follow button available at the community level as well?

  • Avatar

    Hi Dan,

    The follow button is only available on the Enterprise profile page.

    Thank you,

    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support

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