What are some Enterprise vs. WebStorm Email Templates clarifications?


What are some Enterprise vs. WebStorm Email Templates clarifications? 


Please note the following:

  • If you are using Enterprise Email Templates, your Enterprise WebStorms will inherit the Enterprise settings ONLY IF the WebStorm level templates have not been changed.
  • If you change the WebStorm level template, any email triggered on the WebStorm level, the system will send an email with those changes made on the WebStorm level.  
    • WebStorm templates inherit any changes you make on that level, regardless of Enterprise.  
  • Warning: Once changes are made on the WebStorm level, you cannot "re-inherit" the Enterprise level template.

Please be aware of the following to make sure you are in the right place concerning email templates:

  • Enterprise Setup will usually look like this: https://____.brightidea.com/ct/c_admin_options.bix?a=OD____
  • WebStorm Setup will usually look like this: https://____.brightidea.com/ct/ct_admin_options_new.bix?c=____

  • One quick way to know you are in Enterprise is you will see the "WebStorms" tab in your setup:
  • WebStorm level will have "Enterprise" tab in your setup
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