Setting the time-zone in your Brightidea site

Brightidea has the option to set time-zone of your Brightidea site via Enterprise setup.

    • Navigate to: Enterprise Setup ---> Site --> Components
      • Select the desired timezone from the drop-down menu:

  • This time zone setup will cascade into select exports, search, ideas, comments, vote time stamps, and others (mostly end user facing).
    • Note, not all places in Brightidea will respect the selected time-zone setting, some back-end lists (steps view / list view) and certain exports for example will still continue to use our default system time (UTC).
  • Regarding daylight savings time, the time-zone selected in the drop-down will automatically respect daylight saying if applicable in that specific timezone, no additional changes are needed.
  • Note: At this time, Brightidea does not support a 'Military Time' / 24 hour time format. 
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    Lisa Diecks

    I do not see Daylight time as an option on my Enterprise Setup-Site-Components-Time Zone pulldown menu. How can I change this to the Central Daylight time?