Community-level Widgets

 Widgets are available at all levels of Brightidea, and we made sure to include them for Communities as well. Let's break-down the widgets available at the Community level, see below for details.


Our Community widgets are separated from Enterprise widgets, even though the Widget options will include Enterprise Widgets. Editing a Community Widget will not affect how it displays on Enterprise pages (and vise-versa). 

The Community-level Visual WebStorm List (Large) widget can be used to control which Initiatives are displayed and in what order on each Community home page. This allows each Community in Brightidea to be setup separately, providing closer alignment and collaboration between each Community’s members and their related Initiatives. 

The following widgets are "community-aware" once they are added to a community. They will only show the activity and data recorded from the Community-level only.

  • Download Our Mobile App
  • Enterprise All Ideas
  • Enterprise All Stats
  • Enterprise Campaign List
  • Enterprise Campaign List Widget Wide
  • Enterprise Invite a Friend
  • Enterprise Login
  • Enterprise Mini Contributors
  • Enterprise Mini Idea List
  • Enterprise My Blog Drafts
  • Enterprise My Collaborators Widget
  • Enterprise My Comments
  • Enterprise My Ideas
  • Enterprise My Info
  • Enterprise My Messages
  • Enterprise My Network
  • Enterprise My Stats
  • Enterprise Tag Cloud
  • Enterprise Update Results
  • Enterprise Updates
  • Enterprise User Community
  • Image
  • Request Initiative
  • Rich Text/HTML 
  • Send Link
  • Text/HTML
  • Visual Initiative List (Large)
  • Visual Initiative List (Small)

For further information on each of these widgets, refer to our Enterprise Widgets article.

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