What should I know about widgets on the Community level?


What should I know about widgets on the Community level?






  • On your Community landing page (Example: https://____.brightidea.com/ct/c_ent_homex.bix?level_id={__________}&a=OD_____) 
  • It is best to use the following widgets that are "Community-aware"
  • These will only show ideas and activity solely in the community.
  • The following widgets are "community-aware" once they are added to a community:
    • Enterprise All Ideas
    • Enterprise All Stats
    • Enterprise Idea List
    • Enterprise Mini Contributors
    • Enterprise Mini Idea List
    • Enterprise My Comments
    • Enterprise My Ideas
    • Enterprise My Info
    • Enterprise My Stats
    • Enterprise My Updates
    • Enterprise Search Results
    • Enterprise Tag Cloud
    • Enterprise Top Contributors
    • Enterprise Updates
  • When in a Community, your profile page will be exactly the same as it was in Enterprise.  
  • However, let's say you submitted ideas and comments to an idea in another Community, those statistics would not be revealed.  
  • Only activity done within the community will be shown in the Profile and Ideas pages, etc.
  • Enterprise widgets pull data from WebStorm(s) that are included in Enterprise.
  • If a WebStorm is set to be excluded from Enterprise and is part of a community, those Enterprise widget(s) on the community page will not pull data from those associated WebStorm(s). This might create the appearance that some Enterprise widgets are malfunctioning.
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