Visual WebStorm List Widgets

Leveraging the Visual WebStorm List Widget will allow our Innovation Program Managers and administrators to display their challenges in a more exciting way.  This in turn will further engage audiences to further participate, as well as provide a more fluid experience navigating through multiple 'WebStorms'. Check out the details below!


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Getting Started:

  • Navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Site ---> Info
    • Under the info tab, the administrator will has the ability to upload a WebStorm image specific to that WebStorm. The uploaded image will then appear in the new "Visual WebStorm List Widgets"!
  • If a custom WebStorm image is not desired, the default image will automatically be used:


  • Selecting or dragging an image to the upload area will allow the administrator to upload and define the specific image area displayed:


Adding the Widgets

    • The administrator will be able to add the following two widgets at the Enterprise level:
      • Large Visual WebStorm List
      • Small Visual WebStorm List

Large Visual WebStorm List

  • The large visual WebStorm list is made up of a list of active WebStorms that a user has access to participate.(with respect to domain/group restrictions).
  • By default, it will display the:
    • Custom / Default WebStorm image
    • WebStorm title
    • WebStorm description
    • Idea count, comment count and user count
  • The WebStorm's title and description are pulled from WebStorm Info tab in WebStorm Setup.
  • Hovering over the widget will display quick links
    • View Topic = Directs user to WebStorm homepage (s.bix)
    • View Ideas = Directs user to WebStorm idea list page (ct_list.bix)
    • Post Idea = Directs user to submit idea in this WebStorm (ct_enter_idea.bix)


Configuring the 'Visual WebStorm List' widget

WebStorm Phases

  • Within the Visual List widget, the WebStorm can reflect the 'phase' it is currently in.
  • The current WebStorm Phase can be displayed for each WebStorm listed.
  • Selecting on the "Pencil" icon with Widget Setup mode enabled will allow the administrator to toggle if he/she wishes to display the phases.


    • Please Note:  The phase that is pulled into the WebStorm visual list is the phase that is configured within the Phase widget.  
    • The administrator must configure the Phase widget prior to setting up.

Selecting which WebStorm(s) to display

  • Selecting on the "Pencil" icon with widget setup mode enabled will allow the administrator to toggle display of any WebStorm(s) in the widget

Selecting the WebStorm Order

  • Selecting on the "Pencil" icon with widget setup mode enabled will allow the administrator to adjust the WebStorm order by dragging individual WebStorm rows up & down:


Gear Menu - Quick Edits 

  • Selecting the gear edit icon menu item will allow the administrator to:
    • Edit Icon - Directs to the WebStorm Image setup in WebStorm Setup --> Site ---> Info
    • Edit Topic - Directs to WebStorm Setup --> Site ---> Info
    • Group Access - Directs the administrator to Enterprise Setup ---> WebStorms Tab ----> Manage sub-tab
    • Setup - Directs the administrator to the associated WebStorm Setup 
    • Hide From List - This will hide the WebStorm completely from the list for end users.
      • Only the system administrator(s) will view it within the list.


Small Visual WebStorm List

  • The small visual WebStorm list is a truncated version of the large visual WebStorm List.
    • It includes the title & image of each WebStorm
  • This list can be used on pages that do not have enough real estate for a large list (such as the Member Landing Page)
  • Order of list will follow settings within the large visual list.

Important Things to Note:

  • Please note, the Visual WebStorm List widget is a single widget across your entire site, this includes both Enterprise and all Communities
    • This means, if you un-check a Challenge/WebStorm from Enterprise level in the Visual WebStorm list configuration, it will also be removed from the Visual WebStorm list in any Community where the widget exists. The opposite is also true.
    • Unfortunately, it's not possible to have a separately configured Visual WebStorm list at the Community level at this time. 
  • All WebStorm images are reflected in WebStorm & Enterprise level search results:


  • All changes made to the Large widget will be parallel in the Small widget.
    • All customizations made in the large widget will be reflected in both
  • All WebStorm(s) in this list respect group & domain restrictions set in Enterprise
  • Once any system adminstrator creates a new WebStorm, regardless of group or domains, it will be visible to that system administrator only.
    • Other system / WebStorm administrators will not be able to view until a group or domain restriction is set.
  • Custom CSS can be applied to both these widgets.
  • Label editing is not yet available for these widgets at this time.
  • If administrator deletes this widget on accident, all data will be saved when re-added.
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  • Avatar
    Perrine, Cynthia L.

    When I add the visual web storm large widget I only see 1 challenge listed and the vote count for that widget is the TOTAL votes for my entire site.

  • Avatar
    Denise Mansfield

    I checked the box to activate the webstorm list feature, but nothing changed.  I followed the steps above however, did not see any changes in my environment.

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hello Denise,

    After enabling the option, you'll need to add the widget from the widget drop-down menu on an Enterprise page.

    Thank you,

    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Permanently deleted user

    Hi, it seems that the phases are not shown correctly. For example, if I have a webstorm with four phases each phase has a width of 25% plus a border of 1px. This results in a total width of 100% + 4px. Therefore, the bar for the last phase is wrapped into the next line.

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hello Daniel,

    I've taken a look at the phase widget (no custom CSS), the phases appear correctly positioned (138px + 2px border). There might be some custom CSS that is changing the size here, please take a look there.


    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support