'Group Import' functionality in Brightidea

Brightidea Users can easily be sorted into Groups using the Group Import wizards. These Import wizards can be found in two different locations of your Brightidea.

Option one: Pipeline Group Import

Within Pipeline Setup > Participants, a link will be available allowing Admins to Import Users into Groups.


Clicking on this link will bring up a dialog box with an option to import a Group List.


The Group Import Template can easily be downloaded by clicking on the blue "Download Template" button when viewing the dialog box. Once the template has been downloaded, insert the required data to update your Users into Groups.

Please Note


Option two: Enterprise Setup Group Import

    • Save your template in .xls format
    • Upload your file by selecting: "Upload File"
    • The wizard will confirm:
      • If the member already exists in the group
      • If the member exists in the system.
      • You will then have the option to import the correct ones or go back to edit by selecting "Cancel"


    • Once you are finished, select "Import"


  • The administrator will receive a pop-up confirmation.  Finished!
  • If you need to run multiple group imports - please refresh your page after each finished import to start clean with each batch.

Other Things to Note:

  • When you try to use Bulk Group Import and some of the email addresses are either not in the system or in the system - the wizard will check for that - it will account all duplicates, not registered users, or add user to a group more than once.
  • Adding additional fields in the template will not create new profile fields.
  • We recommend no more than 500 rows per each import to alleviate any performance/timeout issues with the network.
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    Dugdale Dugdale

    I'm about to import and it's saying to me, even though I've got email addresses in the email column and one group name in the group column:

    130 groups will be created

    Is this just a bug and 130 groups will not be created?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Damian,

    I believe that's just an incorrect label there, please go ahead and import. Just make sure the group is indeed the same for all users.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar

    Can I import users are not registered yet to a group? I have already import the users but they haven't access brightidea for the first time yet.

  • Avatar

    Hi Rafaela,

    Yes, if the users exist in your system (e.g. imported using user import), they can be added to a group. They do not need to have logged in.

    Daniel He
    Brightidea Support