Action Item Alerts

Much like Brightidea's Notifications feature for WebStorm activity,  'Action Item Alerts' will help drive further adoption and participation within your Innovation Program. 'Action Item Alerts' will also provide an alternative to email notifications in regards to action items.

Pipeline Management - Tool Type Action Items


  • Selecting the action item from the drop down will redirect the Evaluator to the "My Action Items" page to evaluate action items specific to the tool type:


Pipeline - To-Do Action Item Alerts (Project Management)

  • If a system administrator and/or project owner wishes to assign a to-do action item from a Pipeline project, the user will see an action item alert for that to-do in their 'Action Items' notification panel
    • Selecting this To-Do will bring the user to the project to-do page.


WebStorm - Feedback Action Item Alerts

  • WebStorm Sponsors can be triggered action item alerts from Innovation Program Managers or administrators. 
  • Learn more on how to trigger feedback action items here.



Important Things to Note:

  • If all action items are complete and/or the user has none, they will receive a "No Action Items!" screen:


  • Action Item alerts can be configured on either Enterprise or WebStorm levels.
    • If a System Administrator any action item anywhere across the system, it will trigger an alert on the WebStorm level regardless of its group or domain restriction.
  • Alerts cannot be translated or changed via labels at this time.
  • The placement of the Alerts clock icon can be altered via Dynamic Navigation in WebStorm & Enteprise Setup
  • The most recently assigned action items will appear at the top of the alert list.
  • Alerts respect time zone selection and date formatting.
  • Alerts can reach up to 99+ - any higher and the counter appears as "99+".
  • The alerts panel has a scroll bar to view all <99 notifications.
  • The alert is cleared when the user completes their action item.
  • Selecting "View All" will take the user to their Open Action Items page.
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  • Avatar
    Andrew St. Clair

    Is there a generic link i can provide my idea evaluators / judges , so that they can go directly to their Action Items?

    Please advise.


  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Andrew,

    You can use the below URL if needed, - Note, replace the 'mysite' part with your actual domain.

    However, best practice is for the user to click through to their action item via the 'Action Item Alerts' menu.

    Let me know if you have any other questions here.

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Are this action item alerts available in mobile?