Initiative Feedback

The Initiative Feedback feature will allow Admins to send a quick survey to their respective Initiative Sponsors to get high level feedback around the challenge they ran on their behalf. This feedback will allow Admins to improve on future Initiatives, market to new groups, as well as display qualitative & quantitative value to their executive sponsors. Let's see all the details around 'Initiative Feedback' below!


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Getting Started - Setting the Feedback template

System Administrators can navigate to the Initiative Feedback tab under Enterprise Setup > Initiatives > Feedback

The first screen Admins will see under 'Feedback' is 'Templates'. Here, Admins can select check boxes for which questions they want to be sent with the feedback action item. After the Admin chooses from the first four questions to include, select 'Save Template' to save the questions to the template.

Please note: The Feedback template will only contain six core questions to choose from.


Sending Feedback Action Item

After the template is completed, please select the 'Status' portion of the Feedback tab.


Admins will see a list of every Initiative in their Brightidea to start requesting feedback from. The Feedback Status screen is broken up into six columns:

  • Initiative Title
  • Sponsor: This column will list the name of the 'Initiative Sponsor' (Admins can update this sponsor from the Pipeline Setup > Roles field).
  • Sent: Date of which the Feedback survey was sent
  • Due: Date of which the Feedback survey is due
  • Completed: Date of which the Feedback survey was completed.
  • Status: Status of the Feedback will be labeled as: Not Sent, Incomplete, & Complete

To get started, select which Initiative / Sponsor you wish to obtain feedback from and select 'Request Feedback' at the end of the row.


Admins will then select the following attributes before triggering the 'Feedback' action item to the Sponsor:

  • Due Date: When the Admin would like to get the feedback by.
  • Smart Remind: Admins can choose to push a notification to the user once their due date approaches.  
  • Email Title: The subject of the email
  • Email Body: The content of the email.
    • Note: This template can be further modified under Enterprise Setup > System Email Messages > Initiative > WebStorm Feedback

Once the Admin is all set, they can select 'Assign Feedback' to trigger the Feedback action item. The Admin will be prompted to confirm once again. 


Additionally, System Administrators can also trigger a Feedback action item within the 'Manage Initiatives' tab in Enterprise Setup > Initiatives > Manage


 The same dialog boxes will then appear to confirm the Admins options.

After Triggering Feedback Action Item - For the Sponsor

Once Initiative Feedback is triggered to the Sponsor - they will receive a customized email that will look something like this:


The Sponsor can select the link from their email to fill out the feedback request. Once they select the designated hyperlink, they will be brought to a new page where they fill out their feedback questionnaire.  


The Sponsor must answer all questions in order to submit. All questions will highlight in red if the Sponsor attempts to submit without answering all the questions.


Once all set, the Sponsor selects: 'Complete WebStorm Feedback' button on the bottom:


Once that is selected, the Sponsor is prompted with a thank you message and routed back to their Initiative.


After Triggering Feedback Action Item - For the System Administrator 

Viewing Results

Once Initiative Feedback results are Completed, Admins can sort all the rows by clicking on the column headers. They can then select any 'View Results' button to corresponding Initiatives with completed Feedback results.


The System Administrator will be brought to a page to see the results and button to be routed back to the previous screen:


Sending Reminders

Administrators can trigger reminders to those Sponsors who have yet completed their Feedback survey. This reminder can be set from both Manage Initiatives and Initiatives > Feedback tabs

To trigger the reminder email, Admins will need to select 'Send Reminder' in either tab.


The reminder will then automatically send another email to the Sponsor to complete their Feedback request. Note: The Feedback Reminder email template can also be customized under Enterprise Setup > System Email Messages > Initiatives > WebStorm Feedback Reminder

Updating / Deleting Sent Feedback Action Items

At this point in time, Admins cannot delete or update due dates to their Feedback requests once they are triggered.

Exporting Feedback Results

In the Feedback tab within Enterprise Setup, Admins can choose to export all feedback data (across their Brightidea) in one Excel report

On the far bottom right, Admins can choose 'Export Results' to get a full export. Note: All columns represented in the Feedback tab are reflected in the corresponding export.


Admins can then choose to select from the following formats to review:



Important Things to Note!

  • Please make sure your Sponsor(s) profile email settings allow emails to be sent to them! 
  • All Initiatives will show in the 'Feedback' tab regardless of their status in Enterprise Setup (Active, Closed, Archived, etc.)
  • Feedback action items can only be sent to the one individual WebStorm Sponsor at a time.
  • Once Feedback is submitted, Sponsors cannot edit their completed assessments.
  • If Admins change the Feedback template after triggering, the Sponsor will receive the most recently saved template.
  • Only the following dynamic fields cannot be added to the Feedback email templates:
    • Feedback URL: The URL of the Feedback survey
    • User Name: The assignee of the Feedback action item
    • WebStorm Name: The name of the respective Initiative.
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    Michelle [Brightidea]

    if you are running an ongoing challenge that opens and closes quarterly, can you use the feedback form at the end of each quarter with the challenge sponsor?