Initiative Requests

New potential business sponsors might be interested in starting their own Initiative within your organization. In order to streamline this process, Brightidea introduces the 'Initiative Requests' feature! 
This new feature will allow our Innovation Program Managers to organize their process for new Initiative to be scheduled & launched!




Table of Contents

Getting Started

  • The administrator(s) will need to add the "Request Initiative" widget from the Enterprise or Initiative widget list to the desired pages.
  • This widget will allow any user (a potential Business Sponsor) to request an Initiative of their own from the system administrator(s)

Manage Recipients

  • This feature allows users to update the recipients that are emailed when a new request is submitted
  • To configure the recipients select "Manage Recipients"


  • Next search for the user's email and add it to the selected users list
  • Don't forget to select update to save your changes


  • After the user submits their Initiative Request, the requesting user and the configured recipients will be notified via email.
    • The user will receive the email message confirming their request has been submitted.
      • Email message: WebStorm Request Received
    • The recipients will receive an email notification confirming a new request was submitted.
      • Email template: WebStorm Request Notification
      • All WebStorm Request email messages can be updated in Enterprise Setup --> Site --> System Email Messages
  • The recipients will also receive a notification alerting them of the new WebStorm request in their notification drop-down menu,

Label Editing

  • Within the Initiative request form administrators have the option to change labels 
  • To change the labels on the request form select "View Request Form"


  • Once the administrator views the request form they can select "Enable Label Edit Mode"
  • After label editing is enabled they will be able to edit labels on the form 

Submitting a WebStorm Request

  • After selecting the "Request a WebStorm" button via the "Request WebStorm" widget, the user will be redirected to the WebStorm Request Form page (Example URL:
  • The user will need to fill out the form fields on the request page including:
    • The name for the potential WebStorm
    • The department within the company that its meant for (if applicable)
    • The WebStorm Sponsor
    • Details of what the WebStorm will entail, and what they hope to achieve.
    • Desired Start date and WebStorm duration
    • Target Audience or Departments
    • Additional Notes


  •  The WebStorm Request Form will allow the user to request a new WebStorm from the system administrator(s) after filling out all fields and selecting the "Submit Request" button at the bottom.


  • The user receives a confirmation screen once submitted!

Managing WebStorm Requests

  • Any system administrator may review the WebStorm Request Form under Enterprise Setup --> WebStorms --> WebStorm Requests, and decide to create a WebStorm or cancel the request.


  • To review the individual WebStorm Report form, select the WebStorm Request title from the Manage WebStorm Requests list.
    • Selecting the title will direct the administrator to the completed WebStorm Request page to fully review the request.


  • To create a new WebStorm from a WebStorm Request, select the "Create" button:


  • After selecting the "Create" button, the Administrator will be redirected to the Enterprise Setup --> WebStorm --> Create WebStorm tab to create the WebStorm from the selected request.
    • Note, when creating a new WebStorm from a WebStorm Request, the Create WebStorm Wizard will automatically pull the WebStorm Name, Sponsor and Topic fields from the WebStorm request form filled out by the requesting user.


  • After the new WebStorm is created from the WebStorm request, the user who requested the WebStorm will automatically receive the email message: "Your requested WebStorm has been created!" with a URL to navigate to their new WebStorm.
    • Email template: WebStorm Request Completed
    • This email template can be updated in Enterprise Setup, as well.
  • The administrator can navigate to the new WebStorm by selecting the "View" button under the Manage WebStorm Requests list:


  • The Administrator can also manage the status of each WebStorm Request via the action menu to:
    • Open:
      • Request will be set to open and a WebStorm can be created from the request by selecting the green "Create" button
    • Canceled:
      • Request will be set to canceled, no further action need to be taken on the administrator's part.
    • Created:
      • WebStorm Requests has been approved by the Administrator and new WebStorm created, the "Create" button will change to a "View" button in this status.
    • Note: The administrator has the option to filter the status of the requests on the top right of the screen.


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    Juliana CEBALOS

    May I delete one question from webstorm request form?

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    Damian Dugdale

    Hi Juliana

    You can't delete questions - but with some CSS you can hide ... but not the ones that are required or the form wont send.