Understanding 'Subject Matter Expert' (SME) or 'Evaluator' User Role

System Administrators, Pipeline/Site Administrators and Moderators have the ability to assign action items within their respective Pipelines to Evaluators using the various step tool types.  

Assigned SME's or evaluators will have the opportunity to give input on assigned ideas via their action items in order to advance the innovation process! 



Table of Contents:

Getting Started

  • Administrators/moderators who configures users as SME's / Evaluators in a step within their Pipeline, will trigger action items. 
    • The SME / Evaluator(s) can be configured in each of the step tool types that are available in the Pipeline.
    • Below is an example of a Scorecard tool action item configuration:


    • Once the step is configured and ideas are added, the action item assignee(s) will receive a notifications once ideas are added to the step by the administrator/moderator.
      • This will subsequently create an an action item for user(s) to complete.
  • The action item assignee(s) will see a notification within the action items icon in the top Global Navigation menu bar.
    • When they click on the icon, they will be able to see a list of new/open action items they have been assigned to complete:


    • To access click on the individual action item 

  • Users may also receive an email notification for action items they have been assigned to evaluate depending if the email option are selected in the tool type by the administrator/moderator.
    • To navigate to the action item, click on the link provided in the email:


My Action Items List

  • All assigned action items items are accessible to the action item assignees via the 'My Action Item List".
    • The Action Item List is split up into three main tabs: 'Open', 'Completed' and 'All'.
  • To view the action item list, click on the action item icon in the Global Navigation menu and select "View All" 


  • Each tab in the List View will display the respective action items depending on their status. 
    • Action Item Assignees are able to complete open action items via the "Open" tab, view and update completed action items via the 'Completed' tab or view all action items that were assigned to them via the 'All' tab.


  • Example, if the evaluator wants to update a completed action item, they can select the "Completed" tab and click on the action item from the list:


    • Once selected the user will be redirect to the evaluation screen for that action item where they can makes the appropriate updates depending on the action item type:


Completing Action Items as a SME / Evaluator

  • After selecting the action item, the evaluator will be redirected to the "My Action Items" tab where they can complete the open action items.
    • The evaluator's experience will be different depending on the action item they are assigned, more on that below.


  • As the evaluator is completing their open action items, they will automatically be advanced to the next open action item in the list (of the same tool type) after completing the first one.
    • Example below is from the 'Single Scale' tool:


  • Alternatively, they can also select an item in the left hand list (above) directly and provide their input on the selected action item.
  • Within in action item itself, the evaluator will complete the action item as needed, in addition, they can also perform the following actions:
    • Review all attributes of the idea (attachments, votes, comments, any additional information) to help complete the evaluation.
    • Edit idea attributes if allowed by the administrator / moderator.
    • Provide feedback and/or ask questions through different comment types available on the action item (to both idea submitters and/or fellow evaluators).


Available Tool Types for Evaluators

  • The administrators and moderators will be able to assign different action items depending on the tool type configured in their Pipeline or App.
    • Each tool type has a different process and will determine how the idea is evaluated and what is required from the evaluator.
    • Below is an overview of the available tool types in Pipeline Management.

  • Development
    • The Development tool enables evaluators to answer the configured development questions using the development action item submission form.
      • The development action item can have multiple users assigned including an owner and a development team.
      • Learn more about 'Development' action items here!


  • Scorecard
    • Scorecard action item allows the evaluator to answer a scorecard based questionnaire for the assigned ideas and independently of other evaluators.
      • Depending on how the questions are answered by the assigned evaluator, a percentile score will be assigned to that scorecard. 
      • If others evaluators are assigned to the same action item all evaluator scores will be averaged to give a final Scorecard score.
    • Learn more about the Scorecard Tool here!


  • Pairwise
    • The Pairwise step in Platform is an “A/B” idea comparison tool.
      • The evaluator can then select the idea they like better - or select neither idea before being presented with the next pairing.
      • Evaluator is presented with two ideas at a time, and selects the best one.
      • After all ideas are chosen / not chosen, an algorithm then ranks the ideas based on a point system.
    • Learn more about the Pairwise tool here!


  • Review
    • The Review action item allows the action item assignee to review the idea and perform any of the following action on the idea as needed:
      • Further review the submitted idea content
      • Change Idea Status, Category or other idea fields.
      • Toggle Visibility
      • Add Comments and Tags
      • Fill in Additional Info field
    • Learn more about the Review tool here!


  • Stack Rank
    • When a Stack Rank action item is triggered, the evaluator / screener will be able to place the assigned ideas in their desired order from best to worst.
    • Learn more about Stack Rank here!


  • Single Scale
    • The Single Scale step is intended to allows Pipeline Managers / Administrators to engage their subject matter experts earlier in the idea selection process.
      • The action item assignees can quickly and impactful assign numeric ratings on ideas being considered for selection / handoff.
    • This allows for evaluations of ideas based on number scale system (e.g. 1 -7). 
    • Learn more about the Single Scale tool here!


  • Project
    • For the Project tool type evaluators are assigned as team members on a project and are able to participate on the project using the various functionality available.
    • Click here to learn more about Projects

Important Notes:

  • All assigned evaluator (users configured in a step) have complete access to ideas in the assigned Site, even if the Site is group restricted!
    • The reason for this logic is because we need to provide full access in order for them to be able to view and complete the assigned action items.
    • NEW: Action Item assignees may now be removed from the Step Configuration modal while preserving previously Completed Action Item data
      • Open action items will be canceled
      • Completed action items will remain saved
    • Completed Action Item results will remain visible in Step Manage pages, evaluation scores and summaries, and exports
    • The removed assignee will no longer receive new action items 
      • Assignees (along with completed action items) may still be permanently deleted from the Action Items Progress page 
    • Removed assignees may be re-added to the Step
      • This will not re-assign any previously assigned Action Items to the Evaluator
    • For Category Assignment, the assignee must be removed from all Categories in order to appear in “removed” state
      • Assignee may still be permanently deleted from the Action Item Progress page; this deletes them as an assignee from all Categories


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    Is this the same for Team Workspace ... if you add someone to Team Workspace, they are added to the group and have visibility on ALL other submissions in that space?