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Need a suggestion box that drives every idea to resolution? Our Suggest app powers company-wide idea management, where new ideas from employees are strategically routed to owners with decision-making power to review, evaluate, and take action.

Read below to learn more about this process and how to progress through the pipeline.


Table of Contents

Getting Started

  • To quickly recap on how to create your Suggest process, navigate to your Apps screen, and select the Suggest app.


  • Once there select "Set Up Suggest Process"
  • Fill out your title, description, audience to complete the wizard.

Site Home Page

  • Once you create your new Suggest process, you will be brought to your Suggest site home page.
  • Here, you can update site hero imagechange your submission form, and more!
    • For more suggested edits, refer to our Suggest App - Launch Playbook here.
    • Review this list of user roles that are recommended for the Suggest app here.

Pipeline Steps View 

  • After successfully creating your Suggest process, you will see that it comes with preconfigured stages and steps.  
  • To navigate there, select Admin > Manage Pipeline
  • For a quick recap on the overall Suggest process, refer to this process overview here
  • The Suggest backend pipeline configuration consists of the following:
    • Idea Submission
      • Find Owner
    • Project Implementation and Rollout
      • Implementation
      • Record Outcomes
    • Results
      • Completed
      • Not Pursued 


Idea Submission

  • Find Owner
    • The "Find Owner" step comes configured as a "Find Owner" tool type
    • This allows ideas to be assigned to an owner based on the idea category.
    • The action item for the "Find Owner" step will be triggered when an idea is submitted with the same category the Idea Coordinator is assigned to.
    • The Idea Coordinator will then attempt to claim an Idea Owner, by assigning to Idea Assignees.
    • When an Idea Owner finally claims ownership to an idea, it is automatically placed into the "Implementation" step

Project Implementation and Rollout

  • Implementation 
    • After owners are assigned to an idea, the ideas can progress to the "Implementation" step
    • The "Implementation" step comes configured as an "Implementation" tool type
    • Idea Owners will receive an "Implementation" action item when an idea is placed into this step
    • Idea Owners can choose to implement the idea, not pursue the idea, or return the idea
    • Note: Ideas marked as returned (i.e. the Idea Assignee says they do not want to own this idea) will be moved back to the Find Owner step.


  • Record Outcomes
    • Ideas marked as implemented in the "Implementation" step , will be moved into the "Record Outcomes" step
    • This gives administrators the opporunity to record the results before passing the ideas into the "Completed" step
    • There is no configured tool type for this step


  • Completed
    • Ideas that are to be implemented can be moved into this step after the "Record Outcomes" step
    • There is no tool type configured for this step
  • Not Pursued
    • Ideas that are marked as not pursued in the "Implementation" step will be moved into the "Not Pursued" step
    • There is no tool type configured for this step 


Please comment below with any questions or feedback, Happy Innovating!

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