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The submission form allows the administrator to configure what question choices appear on the Challenge/WebStorm submission page. Below there is a breakdown on how to setup the Challenge/WebStorm submission form within Brightidea.




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Getting Started

  • To create / edit a submission form as an administrator, navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Ideas ---> Submission Form


  • Edit the submission form for a WebStorm by clicking the "Launch Form Builder" button.
  • The administrator will be brought to an edit form page, where questions can be added, edited, hidden, removed and reordered. Be sure to click Save Form when completing your edits!


  • The default fields on the submission form can include:
    • Title
    • Image
    • Submitter
    • Description
    • Attachments
    • Tags
    • Category
  • Administrators are able to edit these fields.
  • Note: All submission forms must include Title and Description as required fields.


Adding Questions

  • Administrators have the ability to create additional submission questions.
  • The administrator can select:
    • Multiple Choice
    • Checkbox
    • Short and Long Answer
    • Drop-down
    • Date Picker and/or
    • Number Only field option type questions.
  • Select "Add Question" to get started!


  • Administrators can freely add any type or number of questions that are required for their WebStorm submission form.
    • Please note: The Date picker and Number only fields are both BETA options, please make sure this BETA option is enabled in the system under the Beta tab in WebStorm setup "Additional Submission Form Fields".


    • Please Note: For the number picker, this field only allows numerical input (-1, 1.2, 5). All other characters are not allowed.
    • The date options allows for a calendar date selector on the submission form.
  • Please note there is no limit to the amount of text the administrator can add for long and short form questions (questions and answers).


  • When adding questions, the administrator can choose to make them required by clicking the checkbox that says "Required."
    • When required questions are active, the user is forced to answer this question before their form can be successfully submitted.
    • Please make sure to select "Save Form" when you are finished!
  • Question can also be set to "Admin Only." Please see the following article for more information.


  • Submission forms may now have configurable information tooltips added to the questions.
    • These can be added and edited through the Submission Form editor in WebStorm Setup.
    • Information icons and tool-tips appear beside questions on the submission page.


Editing Submission Form Questions

  • The Administrator can edit submission form questions on the submission form edit page.
    • Select the "Edit" button to the right of the desired question:


  •  When an administrator attempts to edit the submission form, they will be prompted with a confirmation pop-up:


  • Questions which have no associated submissions can be fully edited by the administrator (including the question type and all question answers).
  • However, if the question is currently in use by previous submissions, some editing options will be greyed out.
    • Question type drop-down will not be available for editing.
    • Existing answer choices can't be removed. However text changes can be made to the question and answers choices!
    • Administrators can still set question as required, administrator only, or dependent as needed.


Hiding Submission Form Questions

  • The administrator has the option of hiding submission form questions which are no longer relevant to the WebStorm.
    • To hide a submission form question, select the "Hide" button:


  • Hidden submission form questions will appear with a hidden label on the submission form edit page:


  • Select the "Show" button to make the question(s) visible again.
  • Hidden questions will respect the logic below:
    • On the submission page:
      • Hidden questions will not appear on the Additional Submission Form questions section when posting a new submission
      • If the hidden question is REQUIRED, it will no longer be checked for when posting a new submission
    • On the 'View Submission' page:
      • When viewing any submission in the WebStorm, hidden additional submission form questions will not appear
    • For WebStorm Admin submission grids:
      • Hidden form questions will not appear as additional columns for Webstorm Admin submission grids
    • For submission exports:
      • Hidden submission form questions will be excluded from exports.
    • With 'Enable dependent form questions' enabled:
      • If a question is hidden, any other questions that are dependent on it will no longer be dependent.
      • EXAMPLE: Question B is dependent on Question A. Question A is hidden, therefore Question B will no longer be dependent on Question A.

Removing Questions

  • Submission form questions can be removed by the administrator only if there are no existing (s) submissions which are using that question.
    • On the submission form edit page, the "Remove" button will appear to the right of the desired question choice:


  • The administrator will be presented with a pop-up to confirm the delete action:


  • Please Note: If there is a submission that contains an answer to a submission form question, the remove button will not appear on the submission form for that question.
    • In this case, the question can only be hidden using the "Hide" option.
  • Alternatively, if the associated submissions are deleted or moved to another WebStorm, the question(s) in this case can be removed as needed.

Setting the Question Order

  • In the Submission form the administrator can drag and drop their questions in the order he/she prefers by holding the left bar to drag and drop:
  • Make sure to "Save Form" after all changes!

Development Fields

  • Development fields are used with the Development tool.
  • Administrators can set a submission form question as a development field by selecting the option 'Development Field.'
  • Instruction text can be provided for evaluators on development action items.
  • Administrators can set the viewing permissions to control which users can view the development fields:
    • Administrators, evaluators
    • Administrators, evaluators, submitters
    • Administrators, evaluators, all other users
  • The following question types are available for development fields:
    • Multiple Choice
    • Checkbox
    • Short Answer
    • Long Answer
    • Dropdown
    • Date
    • Number
    • Attachment

Important Things to Note:

    • The order of title, description, & category is a fixed order and can't be altered.
    • The submission form accommodates most languages for anything else besides English text.  
      • The admin can feel free to translate the additional submission form questions on the submission form.
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  • Avatar
    Greg Creevey

    Hi Guys,

    Is it possible to limit the word count on a long answer question?

  • Avatar

    Hi Greg,

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to limit the number of characters in the long answer question.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Jason Barnett


    Is it possible to set the default checkbox from Rich Editor to Basic Editor on the Submission template?  I can't find where this is defined.




  • Avatar

    Hi Jason,

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to change the default in the software. However, it's possible to disable the rich text editor on extra submission form questions all together. Let me know if you'd like to proceed with that.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Andrew St. Clair

    Where is the rich text edit radio button on the submission form. I have found it in some of the 'long answer' question types, but not in others. Is there a beta functionality, or something that needs to be enabled? 



  • Avatar

    Hi Andrew,

    That is actually a custom feature, not part of the out of the box product. It provides the ability for rich text on long submission form questions only. However, it's usually not enabled because of the fact that it is custom. There are no further options for this functionality at this time.


    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Antoinette Panico

    Can I delete a submission form and recreate a new one?  Do I have to delete the existing idea first?

  • Avatar

    Hi Antoinette,

    You will need to remove or move the ideas first and make sure the submission form questions are not in use. Afterwards, the submission form can be modified as needed.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support


  • Avatar
    Antoinette Panico

    I need to add dependent answers and have enabled that in the storm, there was a pre-existing submission form and an idea.  I deleted the only existing idea and attempted to add a new question using the dependency, but that feature is not available.  I assume I need to remove the submission form, however, there is not an option for it's removal or deletion.

  • Avatar
    Antoinette Panico

    Never mind & thanks... by editing existing questions I can utilize dependency.  Still no obvious way to delete the form to start fresh.

  • Avatar

    Hi Antoinette,

    That should work if there are no ideas in the WebStorm. There is no such thing as deleting an entire submission form, only adding/removing individual question/answers.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Michael Logue

    Can you save a submission form as a template that can be re-used in other Webstorms?

  • Avatar
    Rafaela Sanzi

    Hello Ron, could I translate 'Title' and 'Description' (idea submission form) and add a Tip for both?

  • Avatar

    Hi Rafaela,

    On post idea 2.0, it's not possible to apply any translation currently as labels are not supported. For that type of customization, please utilize Post Idea 1.0.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Sarah Jones

    How do I remove the 'attachments' option on the idea submission form?

  • Avatar

    Hi Sarah,

    The Attachments field is a required field on the submission form. There isn't any option that removes it. However, it is possible to hide the field with custom CSS.


  • Avatar
    Sarah Jones

    Okay, thanks, Daniel!

  • Avatar
    Karen McCauley

    So, I can HIDE 'attachment' and 'image' fields if I do not want them?

  • Avatar

    Hi Karen,

    There is no functionality to disable attachments however the image field can be disabled with the option "Add Idea Image to Idea Submission Forms" in your WebStorm setup area.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Karen McCauley

    I see post from Daniel September 01, 2017 10:40 -- that said you can actually hide attachment via custom CSS. Is that not correct?

  • Avatar

    Hi Karen,

    Yes, it's possible with custom CSS code, you'd need to target that element on the page and hide it with CSS. This would go into your WebStorm design section.

    Brightidea Support

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