Currency configuration for your Brightidea site

System administrators can now set their system to a particular currency type. The selected currency type will display throughout their entire Brightidea system.


  • As a system administrator on the Enterprise Setup-->Site-->Components tab you can select the currency type for what currency is relevant to your business.


    • By default all Brightidea sites are set to US Dollars.
      • Administrators can choose from the following currencies:
        • Australian Dollar
        • British Pound
        • Canadian Dollar
        • Euro
        • Chilean Peso (CH$)
        • Chinese Yuan (¥)
        • Swiss Franc (Fr)
        • Brazilian real (R$)
        • South African rand (R) 

    • After a currency type is selected it will be reflected in the Projections and Outcomes tabs on the View Submission page 


  • The selected currency will also display in the Command Center and any other dashboards that display Projections and Outcomes metrics 
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