Spring 2024 Release

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2024 Product Release. We encourage you to check out our blog to read through the updates, and view the below list for high-level changes. 


Our Expert Coaches Guide You from Start to Finish

Our Professional Services team dove deep into our Hackathon offering, developing an enhanced point of view around running a successful, world-class Hackathon. Through external research and customer insights, we have developed new assets and guides for our clients to use as a framework for success.

  • New and improved Hackathon playbook, which you can find within our apps pillar in the product as well as our updated Knowledge Base Article.
  • A detailed Hackathon wiki offering best practices and key activities needed to drive external or internal Hackathons.
  • Updated engagement structure for pulling the Professional Services team into the event to help advise, collaborate, or guide your teams.


Not Your Average Participant Experience

Team building and making the right connections can unlock not only the success of a project, but also help scale the event across the organization. Some critical updates:

  • Created an in-depth onboarding flow that guides the user through the event registration, surfacing the most valuable tools to them based on their use case. This includes access to Project Room, teammate search, etc.
  • Created a holistic participant page where users can search and recruit teammates by expertise, certifications, availability, etc.
  • Enhanced application process lets team members request users to join a specific team. 
  • Updates to the application flow to allow participants to apply to projects, and lets existing members accept, reject, and message those prospects.


Making You Look Good, By Making it Easy for Them

Hackathon judges will often be executive, C-suite members, or external partners who do not regularly log in to the system, which means administrators carry the burden of logging them in, guiding them to the right action item, and monitoring for completion. Well, we heard you, and we now have updated features to help.

  • Admins can manually update the order of projects for evaluation, which will be reflected on all action item manage and completion pages.
  • Introduced the ability to send an ad hoc email to the evaluators to quickly remind them of the action item location and actions they may need to take.
  • Added main navigation links to direct judges to their open action items. Also have the ability for admins to copy the link and send directly to the evaluators.


Tools & Techniques for Our Admins

Forget time-consuming configuration. Our platform is now prepped to launch a successful Hackathon right out of the box.

  • Updated the default configuration. This includes more direct statuses, a recommended template for the use of categories, and more defined steps and stages to allude to multiple rounds of evaluations.
  • Experience a streamlined event-focused design with our new Hackathon event site view. Inspired by our intuitive Memo and Idea Box interfaces, it ensures participants and evaluators get straight to the action, ideal for departmental Hackathons with defined scope and event phases.
  • Enabled View Idea 3 as the default record view for some of our most utilized apps: Idea Box, Memo, Gig, and Hackathon.


The Entire Platform at Your Fingertips

Our team has worked diligently to bring upgrades across the platform that ease usability across our entire toolset. This includes:

  • Updates to our submission form, including the ability to invite users to register directly from the teammate field, as well as the ability to add a Whiteboard directly onto your submission.
  • Multiple Project Room updates to support management of your teams and ideas, including automating their creation via the Rules Engine.
  • Continuous improvement to our Rich Text/HTML 2.0 widget, including the support of HTML5 tags.
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