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Introducing the new and improved Navigation Menu with Admin Navigation Bar! Now toggling between front-end and back-end views became much easier. In addition, the new Navigation will be mobile responsive. Let's check out the details!


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Enabling the new Admin Navigation Bar

All new Apps/Sites/WebStorms that are created going forward will have the new Admin Navigation Bar enabled by default.

If you would like to enable the new Admin Navigation Bar for a previously created Sites/WebStorms, navigate to Site Setup > Beta.

Once here, you can enable the option to turn on Dynamic Navigation with Admin Navigation Bar:


Updated Features

The new Admin Navigation Bar is updated to allow Administrators easier access to the most common sections of your Brightidea site.

In addition, the new Navigation Menu will be mobile responsive so that all Sites/WebStorms can be easily navigated via phone, tablet or any other screen size.

Lets take a deeper look into some of these features!

Admin Navigation Bar for Permissioned Users

The new Admin Navigation Bar will only be available for all Administrators and Moderators

The newest addition will be the Administrator drop-down button on the right side of the navigation bar that allows System, Pipeline and Community Administrators to view all of the below options (Moderators and Analysts will have access to fewer options):

  • Site - Navigates to the WebStorm Home (Moderators & Analysts can view)
  • Site Setup - Navigates to the WebStorm Setup
  • List - Navigates to Pipeline List View (Moderators & Analysts can view)
  • Steps - Navigates to Pipeline Steps View (Moderators & Analysts can view)
  • Dashboard - Navigates to Command Center (Moderators & Analysts can view)
  • Communications - Navigates to Email Communications
  • Knowledge Base - Navigates to our Knowledge Base Articles
  • Pipeline Setup - Navigates to Administrators and Moderators


Mobile Responsiveness

The new Navigation Menu will be responsive on all devices. This means accessing your Brightidea site via mobile browser will be just as easy and comfortable to use when accessing via desktop browser. 

Any screen size under 1000 pixels (majority of mobile screens and some tablet screens) will adjust the Navigation Menu to support a "hamburger" menu.


Important Notes

  • If your site has many CSS customizations, we recommend consulting with your Account Manager before enabling this setting. Enablement can cause design issues if there are conflicting CSS changes. 
  • New designs will be implemented with enablement. Navigation features such as "Menu Item Hover" will change from a background color change to an item underline.


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