Community-level Exports/Reports

Brightidea has several Communities reports available for Administrators to access all data from each of their Communities. Administrators can generate Community data based on Initiatives, Submissions, Users, and Login History.


To get there, navigate to your Community and select Communities Setup > Exports. Once there, the Administrator can view all reports available for reference:

Initiatives Report 

This report will give a summary overview of all Initiatives within the Community. It gives summary number of submissions, what groups its assigned to, who the administrators are, as well as when it was created.

Report columns: Date Created, Status, Initiative, Initiative ID, Description, Active Users, Access Groups, Sponsor, Administrators, URL, Submissions, Communities, Meta Keywords

Active Users
# of Ideas

Submissions Report

This report gives further details of the Submissions of all Initiatives. Data ranges from specific submission data, and number of comments and views. Dates can be filtered, which uses the submission date.

Submission Exports have been updated to better represent collected Business Impact data. Columns added include:

  • Projected and Actual Benefit
  • Projected and Actual Cost
  • Non -Financial Benefits

Report columns: Initiative, Initiative ID, Code, Category, Submitted, Submitter, Submitter email, Title, Description, Status, Stage, Step, Score, Count of Comments, Number of Views, Financial Outcomes, Projected Net Benefits, Associated Tags, Has Attachment?, Linked?, URL, Previous Status, Date Entered Status, Days in Current Status, Merged, Merged With, Submitted From, Projected and Actual Benefit, Projected and Actual Cost, Non-Financial Benefits.

Submissions > Vote History Report

Site summary report provides a list of all Sites within your system with additional information about Site status and activity.

Report columns: Initiative, Initiative ID, Code, Title, Voter, Voter Email, Votes, Pts, Chips, Total Pts/Chips, Vote Date

Submissions with Comment Details Report

This report is a list of all comment details that have been added to Submissions. The Admin can find out specific times to when comments were made.

Report columns: Initiative, Initiative ID, Code, Title, Comment, Comment Submitter, Comment Submitter Email, Comment Date, Comment ID, Reply to Comment ID

Submissions Step Change History Report 

This report shows the lifecycle of Submissions within a Pipeline. Administrators can find out when a Submission entered a Step, how long it stayed there, and where it was moved.

Report columns: Initiative, Code, Title, Step, Date Entered Step, Date Left Step, Days in Step, Next Step, User Name, User Email, Member ID

Submissions with Outcome Details Report

This report shows the details of Submissions financial outcomes. Administrators can find out outcome start and end dates as well as the outcome amount.

The Outcome Details Export and Business Impact Dashboards will also display Benefits and Costs by year

Report columns: Initiative, Submission Code, Submission Title, Submission Submitted Date, Outcome Type, Outcome Amount ($), Outcome Period Start, Outcome Period End, Outcome Period Span, Outcome Title, Outcome Description, Outcome Date Recorded, Outcome Attachments, Outcome Recorder Screen Name, Outcome Recorder Email

User Activity Report

This report is all the User activity and engagement recorded as points/tallies. Administrators can see how active (or inactive) certain Users are throughout each Community.

Report columns: Screen Name, Email Address, Last Site Visit Date, Creation Date Timestamp, Creation Date Year. Counts (Transactions) - Total Points, Submissions, Comments, Promotes, Demotes, Registered, Invited a Friend, Friend Registered, Votes of Support, Number of submissions viewed. Points Earned - Submissions, Comments, Promotes, Demotes, Registered Invited a Friend, Friend Registered, Votes of Support, Status Change, Admin Status (Y/N), Active

User Groups Report

Find out which Users are in which Group within your Community.

Report colums: Group, Screen Name, Email Address

Login History Report

Find out the Login history of each of your Users. Note: If SSO is enabled, Admins will see an empty report. SSO Users get routed through Enterprise login when accessing Brightidea.

Users accessing Brightidea through SSO will now be accounted for in Visits and Logins across all relevant KPIs and Exports

  • Historic SSO data will not be available prior to release of this feature

Improved KPIs for consistency and relevance include:

  • User Activity export will now track “Unique Visits” instead of logins

Report columns: Initiative, Initiative ID, Screen Name, Email Address, Login Date and Time, Platform


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