Re-trigger an Action Item

In some cases, an Action Item may need to be reassigned to an Evaluator. However, Admins may notice that simply moving the Submission back into the same Step may not re-trigger the Action Item to the same Evaluator. This is because Brightidea is built not to send duplicate Action Items to the same Evaluator.

In order to workaround this, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to successfully re-trigger a new Action Item for a Submission within the same Step to an Evaluator.


Submission A has moved into the "Initial Screen" Step and triggered an Action Item for "Evaluator A".  


"Evaluator A" then completes the Action Item and the Submission moves out of Step. The Admin realizes at a later time that they want the Evaluator to re-do their evaluation, so they try moving the Submission back into the Step.

However, this does not re-trigger the Action Item as the Action Item has already been completed.


Step 1:

In order to re-trigger a new Action Item, the first step is to go to the Action Item Manager and locate the Completed/Opened/Cancelled Action Item for that Step.

We recommend clicking into "All" Action Items and filtering by Step or by Title to make sure that all Action Items for that Submission appear.


Step 2:

Once the Action Items have been located, the next Step is to Delete the Action Items from the Manager. This action tells Brightidea that no reference of the Action Item has ever been assigned to the Evaluator. Meaning it can be re-triggered.


Step 3:

Finally, go back to the Pipeline Steps View, and move the Submission back into the same Step. It is easiest to perform this by clicking onto the Submission and choosing Change Step through the Action dropdown.


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